How to Manifest with Full Moon & New Moon Energy

Vincent Van Gogh ‘Starry night’, 1889

The New Moon is the best time of the month for new beginnings. Each month we are given a fresh spiritual reset, an opportunity to set new goals and to see them grow. A new moon usually takes places in the same sign as the solar sign of that month: so let’s say we are in April and we know that April is traditionally the month ruled by the Aries’ solar energy (as many Aries are born under this sign, in the last week of March and first three weeks of April). This means that the new moon we would normally experience in April is a New Moon in Aries. The process is then a creatively potent one, as the month’s Solar energy merges with the growing energy of the Moon and becomes a cosmic dance of fertility. From this lunar & solar monthly ‘coupling’, fresh energy pours into the collective and blesses our personal lives. This cosmic fertilization process ends up influencing our moods, emotions, ideas and creations in our world, here on Earth, because believe it or not we are influenced by what happens in the cosmos, and you can clearly see this with the changing weather we would normally experience here on Earth, around each monthly lunation or during eclipse season: things can go haywire, weather-wise around a Full Moon!

Full Moons work inversely, since they take place when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac. So if we have a New Moon in Aries conjunct the Sun in Aries, we would also have a Full Moon in Libra (the opposite zodiac sign on the astrological wheel from Aries) in the same month. For example, we have an upcoming New Moon in Pisces at 15’46” degrees on the 6th of March 2019. This New Moon will conjunct the Sun – the period from the end of February until the middle of March is known as Pisces season because the Sun travels through the constellation of the Fish. Whatever we seed now, whatever intentions we put into place now – either with our mental scoresheet or a practical ‘to do list’ – we can then expect some material manifestations on the 14th of September 2019 when there is the Full Moon in Pisces at 21’04” degrees taking place during the season of Virgo, so the opposite sign to Pisces on the astrological wheel. This means that even if we have a Full Moon in Virgo in the same month as a New Moon in Pisces, the growth of your intentions/spells/desires takes about 6 months’ time as the New Moon in Pisces undergoes a number of lunar cycles until it ripens into the Full Moon in Pisces, in the season of Virgo in September. This is how astrological signs are paired as ‘opposites’ on the zodiac wheel and also according to lunar cycles.

Please don’t worry if you miss the new moon or full moon energy in a given month, since each month we have fresh new-moon and a full-moon points. Nature and the cosmos are giving us plenty of fresh starts and times to reap our rewards. Other times, we also experience eclipses, which are super-charged Full and New Moon points that invite fated events to take place and Divine intervention to work its magic, as our human willpower is momentarily subdued. If you have trouble knowing what to manifest during a given moon cycle or if you struggle with decision-making, then simply allow eclipse season to make the necessary life-changes for you (but mentally prepare for the chaos or ensuing drama as well 🙂

An image depicting the growth-cycle of the Moon. The Moon takes about 2 weeks each month to grow from Full to New and back again. A complete lunar cycle usually lasts 28 days, which is also & usually the length of the female reproductive cycle.

Right before a new moon, a dark moon phase occurs, also known as the ‘balsamic’ moon. This is because the moon seems to disappear completely from the sky, robbing us of its energetic imprint (those moonbeams can be ‘nightly gold’ for our energetic bodies, charging us here on Earth like tiny batteries, much like the Sun does each day). Around a balsamic moon, we usually tend to feel very sleepy (especially if you are an empath, introvert or light-worker) and we can experience a decrease in energy and vitality. This is normal and should be respected as part of the cycle of energy, since it is generally harder to be active during a low-energy period. But we need the rest and you should plan ahead and figure out that it will take longer to get out of bed the two days when the light of the Moon replenishes itself. Following this phase, we fully enter the New Moon energy. So new moons are moments when we might feel like a great brown bear waking up from its winter slumber: groggy, moody and in need of copious amounts of caffeine (I know I do at least), especially with the new moons which occur during the Winter months. This is why you shouldn’t’ schedule strenuous activities around such a time but plan to indulge in them as the Moon is Waxing or close to Full (of course, if your life permits the luxury of planning).

This week’s New Moon is extra special since we have the planet of unpredictability, Uranus changing signs from Aries (rules by Ares/Mars, the God of War) to Taurus (the celestial bull, symbol of abundance and fertility and ruled by beautiful Venus/Aphrodite). Not only that, but we have Mercury beginning its first retrograde motion of this year (i.e. Mercury retrogrades happen three times per year). This aspect is making all our logical, verbal and written communication go a bit hay-wire & loopy, as it conjuncts the planet Neptune (the planet of confusion, escapism and creativity). However, if you lean into your intuition and just go with the flow during this period, the time is magical for manifesting big dreams! At the moment at which I am writing this, it is Spring and therefore what we spiritually ‘plant’ now (to be read as what we ‘aim for’ and ‘set out’ to achieve) we can reap as rewards during the harvest months, or in the Autumn-Winter period.

One of the principles of witchcraft is the rule of 3, which can mean: to cast a spell three times, use 3 different objects for an incantation, to say a binding affirmation 3 times etc. This rule was inspired by the Goddess Hecate, considered the European mother of witchcraft, and the lunar deity which presides over the main stages of a woman’s life: the maiden, the mother and the crone. These stages also correspond to the main stages of lunar energy – waxing, full and waning.

New Moons are good times for cleansing and cleaning, for sorting out the old from the new, so this would be an ideal time for cleaning out your wardrobe, sorting out your closet or kitchen cupboards, washing your crystals and reorganizing your tarot and oracle decks, throwing old things away or donating what can be reused, and mopping the floors of your house with essential oils. If you read tarot, this is an ideal time for sage-ing your body and house, and for salting the frames of your doors and windows for renewed protection. You could also get some Reiki sessions to rebalance your energetic body. It’s also an excellent period for sleeping and resting more to recharge, and for tacking long hot baths with crystals and other pampering beautiful things.

Full Moons are times of taking stock, or celebrating an achievement or seeing things for what they really are. They are times of great clarity and vision and they are also good for chord-cutting rituals, for removing old energy and what no longer serves you. Each New Moon your prepare to build and to take in and each Full Moon your prepare to close up and release. New Moons begin things while Full Moons bring relationships and situations to a firm conclusion.

So for a New Moon ritual prepare yourself to receive the new, to bring in fresh new things into your life that support your changing desires. I find New Moons have more significance than Full ones, although the latter are revered because when you practice spells under the power of the full lunar energy, these work much quicker. So people who enjoy love spells, money spells or banishing rituals also adore Full Moons, while others who thrive on intentions and manifestation, like myself, tend to enjoy the New Moon energy more.

One practical thing you can do to align yourself with lunar energy and bring some candle magic into your life, is to understand the color-code of each candle and its specific, protective deity. If a New or a Full Moon fall on a Monday, light a silver candle to invoke the power of the Moon. If they fall on a Tuesday, light a red or orange candle to invoke the power of Mars, if Wednesday then light a green candle to invoke the fresh energy of Mercury; if it’s Thursday then light a yellow candle for Jupiter; on Friday, light a pink or white candle for Venus; on Saturday, light a black or grey candle for Saturn; finally on Sunday, light a golden candle for the Sun.

As co-creators, we can merge our human minds with the intentions of the Divine, so new Moons are perfect for this dual communication between our daily reality and the unseen world of Spirit. The best way to receive inspiration is to write a list of intentions (sentences that help you figure out what you would like to materialize). Keep in mind that intentions should be written in the present tense, as if they already happened, and you could add the powerful word ‘now’ to finish the sentence, in order for them to ‘work’ and to activate them by anchoring them in the present. For example: I receive my heart’s desire now / I attract wealth now / I am in love with life now, etc.

Below is a list of other things that New and Full Moons are good for:

  • Letting go of an addiction. You can do as little as saying ‘I’ll start doing this thing less from today’ and then see how the energy builds up gradually to support you. But you have to keep this goal in mind, and not to deceive yourself in the process. This intention will create circumstances that will hinder you from falling back on that addiction, so be mindful of what you wish for and commit to it to see results. You might encounter external obstacles when you are tempted to revert to your old bad habits, and remember that challenges can actually be blessings in disguise for your manifestation. For example, I promised myself to cut out processed foods and when I went to get a doughnut at Krispy Kreme in a moment of weakness, my card wasn’t working and the server was really rude for no reason; after my momentary anger subsided I realized that it was a challenge to stick to my intention and what I consciously committed to a couple of days before). In this way you are manifesting your heart’s desire, within the limitations of the material world.
  • Getting on with projects you’ve been putting off. For example, I’m struggling with writing my second book, so I’m now rearranging my notes, re-reading my old draft and setting the intention to commit more fully to writing a little bit each day. Find out what you prefer, as forcing yourself to do what other people do, will only backfire. I usually, write in the evenings when I feel inspired and there is more quiet and still energy around me and I can hear myself think. This goes against a lot of the popular advice on writing routines which urge you to rise early in the morning & engage in writing sprees, but I adapt the activity to suit my own personality and not the other way around.
  • Align your chakras and do chakra meditations to raise your spiritual and bodily vibrations. For this step, there are loads of videos on YouTube that are helpful. As some suggestions for beginners, I like Meditative Mind , Calm Whale & Taos Wind Spirit Music on YouTube. The best part, is that you can listen to these clips while you do other things; I like to do transcriptions while I’m realigning my chakras, as listening to something calms the impatience I feel when I must work on a repetitive and dull task.
  • Starting up a long-term endeavor such as a new job, saving up for a large purchase, beginning new contractual agreements etc. It’s best to launch things when the sliver of the moon appears on the sky (so usually one day after the New Moon, when you can actually see the Moon reappearing on the sky). Be careful thought because from my experience the energy can also work viceversa. For example, I started a relationship on a New Moon without consciously realizing that I was working with this energy and now I find it hard to let go of that person even if I am logically aware that we are not good for each other & are better off living our lives apart 🙂
  • Write down intentions. For example, you want to have more money in your life, so you can write ‘I have all the money I need and can purchase everything I want’. It’s always good to think relationally when you make wishes – for example ‘I have all the money I need to buy a house so I can start my family’ or ‘I have money to pay rent so that I can rest and relax and work better for others’. The intent has to be positive, it has to come from your heart, from a place of love and peace. The same for if you want to attract love, I advise you begin with self-love affirmations first and then include your ideal partner – ‘I have so much love in my heart for myself and for others around me, and I am attracting the love of my life’ or something similar. It should always begin from you and your heart chakra/energy center and then spill out beautifully into the world, for others. Remember, we are all connected, whether we like it or not. Make sure to write the sentence down at least 10 times on a white sheet of paper, and as you do focus on already imagining how your life will look like if your wish is granted. In this way you are giving your subconscious specific tasks to work on while you sleep and you’ll notice your behaviour will slowly change in your daily activities, to help you attract what you have intended.

Because the new moon this month is conjunct the planet of unpredictability (Uranus), factor in some surprises. You could write down as well an anti-routine (which means something you are not so comfortable with) or something new and off-the-beaten track that you’d like to add to your life. For example, I’d like to open myself up for more fun and adventures – I’m usually quite careful, I love solitude and am fairly common-sensical, but I want to do more spontaneous things together with other people this Spring. So that could be one thing. Another would be to read things you wouldn’t usually read, try out new foods, go and try new sports or new beauty rituals, change your perfume or clothing style, plan to redecorate a corner of your house that needs more love and attention, or even plan to carry your passport with you at all times for a spontaneous get-away. Add some ‘electricity’ to your life, and open up to the unexpected of your own volition. It’s better if the choice is yours, rather then allowing the universe to completely take over, as it might re-arrange some aspect of your life you aren’t prepared for.

New Moons are also great for creating a mood-board (whether online or with papier mache). Mood-boards are usually collages made out of random and colourful pictures depicting how you would like your future to be, and what you would like to change in your life. Or if you don’t have time for that, simply place a picture of your desire somewhere where you can see it daily. If you want a new car, print a picture of your desired car and place it on your table so that everyday when you have breakfast or when you sip your coffee you can see it and remind your subconscious mind that this is what you are working towards. However, don’t expect things to appear over-night, the cycle begins with each new moon and completes in 6 months’ time with the corresponding full moon, so breathe in and maintain patience (its slowly coming for you, in beautifully unseen and surreptitious ways).

** Happy Moon-manifesting **

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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