The ‘New’ Spiritual Leaders

The current transit of Jupiter in Capricorn meeting Saturn in Aquarius at the end of this month (March 2020) will bring to surface the repression of our collective willpower by traditional institutions. No matter how you began 2020, it is clear that this is a bizarre and atypical beginning of this new decade (consider the corona virus lockdowns, urging us on some level to slow down and go within). This is because the fabric of our social reality is preparing for a drastic change, or the dawn of the infamous Age of Aquarius, which astrologers, shamans and tarot readers have predicted for ages. In line with this, a string of shamans, witches, warlocks, lightworkers, starseeds, astrologers and tarot readers are appearing world-wide and it is my opinion that they will gradually replace churches and temples or other traditional places of collective devotion, representing new forms of spiritual leadership. They will also bring with them a wave of advertising scams, fraudulent identity thefts and a string of confusing information which will be dispersed with the help of the Internet.

2020 is without a doubt the year of ‘The Shift’: a massive collective transformation in our values & behaviors, and the way in which we understand our roles here on Earth, especially our gender and its connection to the Divine/Spirit/God. This isn’t only my opinion but that of more experienced astrologers as well, such as Pam Gregory, a British & fellow Piscean whose work I admire and who advocates for similar ideas. This year is an energetic minefield because it brings with it – among the usual three Mercury retrogrades – also a Venus Retrograde in Gemini (the sign of Union) awaiting us this Summer, and a Mars Retrograde in Aries (the sign of Courage) peppering our Autumn period. Both the bubbly air-sign in which Venus will be and the passionate fire-sing Mars will be, are squared by Jupiter and Pluto and the only good news is that they will be divinely supported by Saturn in Aquarius (for the most part). What all this celestial energy means is that this summer we will collectively enter a period of necessary redefinition in our relationships. A lot of us have abandoned play and love in favor of work (and in some cases over-work) just to keep on surviving or to attain higher status and wealth. This work-obsession is linked to a rise in sarcasm and emotional stoicism or toughness, that blocked us from nurturing ourselves and others (just consider the media obsessions with ‘work-life balance’ which in reality is a work-life imbalance).

The Tarot Reader, by Spanish symbolist and proto-surrealist Julio Romero de Torres (1874-1930)

It’s the first week of March as I’m writing this. Amidst the threat of the corona virus, we are having the energetic influence of three major planets, those being Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (the rulers of karma and fate), all gathered in the sign of limits, repression, effort and hard-earned rewards, Capricorn. Moreover, Mars also joined the gang in February. Feel free to interpret Capricorn energy as you wish, but one thing is certain with this Sun sign – it is not a fun sign, and it is not at all about expansion but rather its opposite, limitation. Capricorn wants concrete and tangible results – it is not concerned with emotions but with work and effort. So there is a collective obsession at the moment with what we can touch and see, with what is practical and tangible – however, this makes us neglect our spirituality, our souls, our need to be loved and to love. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn energy also separates.

Moreover, these 4 planets are joined by the South Node, one of the lunar nodes that represent excretion, letting go, and energy loss. This means that the more we cling to tradition, to how things were done for centuries we might get an immediate sense of comfort and stability, but we will also gradually feel depleted of energy. We go out to shop in a frenzy and then we come home to a house full of objects and no emotional warmth. We might also experience depression, heaviness and isolation, so turning to comfort-behaviors such as using drugs and alcohol might give the illusion that things will be alright and we are in love with unseen forces, but the reality is gloomy when we wake up hungover and cold (Neptune is in Pisces at the moment until 2025, and it is helping us deceive ourselves very easily).

Ironically, all this Saturnian, paternalistic energy is simply meant to remind us that what we need is true nurturing; that we lack love and understanding in our personal connections and that we are not better off just working and focusing on money to the expense of our feelings. To solve this issue, we have to blend masculine with feminine energy. And feminine energy is the path forward, to my mind. To use a cliché, the future is female, and by this I mean that what are traditionally considered ‘feminine traits’ will be an increasingly sought out forms of communication and used as a spiritual currency (exemplified in telepathy, precognition, astro-travel, clair-audience and clair-sentience etc, and potentially harvested in the future to control and mould reality for specific goals).

I think that spirituality & science will eventually blend, as people will understand that reason and emotions must work together for us to access new frequencies and to expand our consciousness. On another level, we are preparing to transcend the gender divide, just as collectively we will integrate our Divine Masculine with our Divine Feminine energy to make a spiritual leap forward in our progress as humankind on Earth. I also think our connection to Nature shall be merged with technological improvements and discoveries; it is not a case of polarizing them or rejecting one above another, since this will only lead to states of conflict. Until then we continue to love within the patriarchal social system, which is a conditional and limited way of loving. However, the rules of Saturn, of the land, of governing, and of the patriarchy are increasingly dismantled. So even if institutions seem to have garnered more and more power in recent years, they are actually like a super-nova, shining brightest right before it implodes.

With Pluto in Capricorn, politically and financially there is no middle-ground: we have the rich and the poor, the powerful and the vulnerable (we saw this since 2011 with the dramatic decrease of the middle-class in some of the wealthiest countries in the world). Globally, we are witnessing a desperate fight for the far-right to gain political control, and we see the corruption of democracy in the wake of ‘fake news’ fiascos. People are allowed to practice democracy only by means of manipulated votes; their elected representatives, instead of supporting the interests of many and helping society progress by tackling the string of environmental, economic and social problems at hand, mostly spend their political mandates engaged in power struggles which polarize them even further. With Saturn in Aquarius, the so-called ‘underdogs’ might experience a slow rise in power and new leaders might emerge from the poor and oppressed masses which genuinely might represent the interests of many (similar to spiritual leaders such as Martin Luther King and Gandhi), but it will be a battle of power and it will require effort (at least until Jupiter catches ground and stations in Aquarius in 2021). Such leaders might have it tough at the beginning of their career, but they shall foreground the general political mess and further underline the incapacity to lead of present, corrupt politicians. So I think that new political alternatives will gradually appear from this Spring.

In the meantime, ordinary people, like you and me, are left on-the-outside-looking-in, engaged in these survival-power struggles, and we are left to find creative ways to stoically manage our lives. The good part in all of this mess, is that we now have a spiritual, postcolonial and feminist awareness which is increasing each year in different parts of the world. People self-educate and have more discussions and debates than ever; we also have social media and the Internet, which allow people to speak up in spite of this ongoing institutional control. Despite having groups censured and denied the right to speak, we (as in the many) will only be kept under this pressure cauldron until Jupiter enters Aquarius next year. As Jupiter will join Saturn in Aquarius next year, the collective will finally get to breathe a general sigh of relief, and witness or participate in building new social foundations in the wake of Pluto’s ‘destruction’ of our trust in current governing powers.

A set of different gems and crystals. Vintage illustration from Meyers Konversations-Lexikon (encyclopedia) 1894

On this background, the increasing rise of tarot readers, astrologers, shamans, doulas, counsellors, personal development trainers and life coaches is not something to fear but something to celebrate. More and more people are quitting their 9 to 5s to follow spiritually-based work. I find it beautiful that we are spiritually-led to work in service to others; to work by healing and revitalizing the tired hearts and souls of many, engaged for so long in corporate production, in the constant rat-race of capitalism (I might sound like a communist here, but we do have very few alternative economic systems in the world at the moment, so social cooperatives might be the future). Something has to give. A shift in the collective is bubbling up to the surface preparing us for the landscape over-haul of 2023-2024, when Pluto in Aquarius will enter and slowly begin the transformation of our communities, our connection to technology, our increasing dependence on machines but also – and this is the part that I find most significant – our link to the divine and to the energies of our solar system. This is because Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius governs over astrology and the occult. It is also representing the Star energy in tarot, so there is renewed hope for mankind after living for so long in the Deviled Goat’s energy (aka Capricorn).

On a social and psychological level, people are increasingly becoming more aware of the chakras, third eye awakenings, manifestation abilities, capacities to co-create with Spirit, the different dimensions of existence, indigo children, how energy travels and can be manipulated or transformed etc. If you smirk at these things, this is just a reminder that this ‘trend’ is not about to stop – it might even evolve as our technological and scientific discoveries shall blend with our heightened awareness and developing intuition to produce new forms of mass, spiritual power (and pre-empting the Pluto in Pisces era). This blending could lead to ‘ghost in the shell/machine’ types of relationships. It will be interesting to witness how things will develop and I am certainly excited about the future, even if I remain cautious regarding the shadow side of the Pluto in Aquarius era (for example, low-Leo energy such as massive Ego trips or the wide-distribution of robotic sex-slave).

My hope is that within this newly emerging social landscape, and with the help of spirituality, many people will find the ‘God within’ (to quote Rilke) and will likely start to ‘see feelingly’ (as Shakespeare said), rather than completely cool-off their emotions to emulate our robotic counterparts or ‘alienate’ themselves from other people. And that’s were ‘we’ come in, the spiritual ‘freaks’, the new leaders that are able to use our skills and abilities to help people connect with their life purpose and with their hearts. What I mean by the word ‘leader’ in this context is certainly not domination, but guidance; spiritual leaders are those whom we meet, only when we are ready for them; just like that the old-fashioned saying ‘When the student is ready, the master appears’. These new spiritual leaders are the daughters and sons of the witches that could not be maimed and killed during Europe’s Dark Ages, the ones that survived the Inquisition, famines and the Plague, countless wars and oppressive political regimes, and lived on to empower others in the present. Our ancestors guide us to speak up and express ourselves, to embrace who we are and to heal; thereby we have a duty to remain connected to Spirit and to help others remain profoundly human in the midst of this massive shift.

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

2 thoughts on “The ‘New’ Spiritual Leaders

  1. Hello Lexie,

    I have tried to contact you via YouTube. My favourite sister out of 3 passed away on 12/01/2020. I didn’t get a chance seeing her since 2015 March. Could you please do reading for my deceased sister. Please don’t ignore this favour, u might have sisters too.

    Details about my sister , she was born in Ethiopia, she was born Ester day so her name is Ester meantime her name in our language is Fasika Giday Beyene. Her sur name is Beyene.

    I look forward to hearing from you ASAP

    Many thanks
    Mahliet Beyene.


    1. Hi Mahliet,

      Sorry for the delay in replying to you, and also about the death of your sister 😦

      Yes, I can provide you with a reading which is focused on channeled messages from her, if you wish. You will need to book this on my Healing Services page, the one called Past Life/ Ancestors Messages. Once the payment is sent through PayPal, I shall send you an email confirming receipt.

      I send you light & wish you all the best <3,


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