‘As above, so below’: Energy Strings, Mythological Trees and the 5 Dimensions

Image from Needpix.com

Could we be tiny energetic strings inside the body of a superhuman? I am not even sure if ‘human’ is the right word in this context, but as I am diving into the realm of astrophysics I keep being mesmerised by this thought: that potentially our lives might be lived at the tiniest level of matter inside the energetic body of a larger-than-life being. That we are not the center, and not even the beginning of the story of life in the Universe, but rather the tiniest particles in a much bigger energetic pattern. To use a phrase frequently employed by one of my colleagues at Oxford, ‘the mind boggles’. Nonetheless, I love this modest view of our status in relation to the cosmos.

One of the theories that tries to explain what exists at the tiniest level of life, is string theory and to me personally, this seems an exciting and fresh perspective on life. I think here I should stop and allow this guy to explain what string theory is:

So as you could see our organs are made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which can be further broken down into neutrons and protons, which also are made up of quarks. Our factual knowledge stops there, but it is theorized that potentially we might be made up of tiny strings of energy at our deepest and tiniest level of matter.

What led me to imagine that we, as human beings, might potentially be these infinitessimal strings of energy inside a cosmic quark, inside a cosmic neutron etc., was seing an image of the largest structure in space: Laniakea, or the supercluster of galaxies which happens to contain our very own Milky Way. So I paired what I learned from our lowest level with our largest level of existence and blew my mind in the process (keep in mind, I’m new to this branch of knowledge). The video below shows you this super-structure and how scientists measured and mapped Laniakea:

When I look at this beautiful image of our home supercluster, I keep seeing the shape of a human heart (the real biological heart and not the heart emoji). It could also be a highly active neural cortex (but I prefer the heart analogy better :D). The neigbouring planets seen from above look like arteries, and the flow of energy between them like the flow of blood, even the fact that these galaxies are pulled into the magnetic force of the Great Attractor, seems to me like this is a snapshot of a gigantic beating heart. And if our supercluster is a gigantic heart, imagine what that makes us? The tiniest specks of matter and energy in this astounding cosmos.

Although there are many different scientifics viewpoints regarding what exists at the largest known level of existence (and at its tiniest), I’d like to run a bit wild with this analogy between us as human strings of energy and the multiverse as a gigantic beating heart inside the ‘body'(?) of an off-the-scale large being. This being could potentially be God, Buddha, or Spirit or the Energy of Life itself, The Universe (whatever you’d prefer to call it). So the old esoteric beliefs that ‘as above, so below’ and that we are genuinely part of God and God is part of us, could potentially be mapped out at the moment by teams of amazingly dedicated and meticulous astro-physicists.

Let me bring it back for a second. Laniakea means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian, a name as apt as it is gorgeous. Again, this analogy of flows of energy and streams of energetically linked to branches, neural connections and the symbols here on Earth that make up our material reality (the brain, the heart, the rivers, trees) led me to think of the Tree of Life, which is a symbol that has followed mankind’s mythology for centuries and it was represented in many different cultures in their own distinct style.

This multi-cultural ancetral knowledge of our foremothers and forefathers (who were better able to observe the sky, centuries ago when polution levels and distracting electricity did not exist), could now be re-interpreted with the help of data gathered by astrophysicists (and thereby reconforming my belief that science in the Age of Information is the primary tool to help us discover what our ancestors intuitively knew from studying Nature for hundreds of years). I am a firm believer that we need both sets of knowledge, the scientific and the spiritual, to understand existence; and I also think that the ways in which we make discoveries are cyclical not just linear. We might not always be standing on the shoulders of Giants, as the saying goes, we could also be returning factually to support their intuitive knowledge. Intuition and reason, combining together in a perfect way.

Let’s return to how our ancestors gained this knowledge of the sky and its energies, which was then represented in mythological stories and deities. Imagine looking up at the sky in the 10th century (randomly chosen age): it must’ve been a gorgeous sight and the Milky Way must’ve been easily visible with the human eye on most nights and from almost all places in the world. Looking up at this gorgeous night sky and being in touch with the surrounding Nature (which was not yet parcelled and organised by the slow advances of capitalism), inspired our ancestors to create myths about the many different realms of existence. The Heavens above and the Realms below, and Trees of Life that represented both spiritual emanations that can exist within ourselves (like the Sefirot) or can represent the realms of the Gods (like Yggdrassil).

To put these ideas into perspective, let’s look at some examples together. Firstly, Hindu mythology depicted the spiritual realm as organised into 7 lokas, the highly flexible worlds of Gods and Goddesses which existed both below and above us:

The Lokas match to some extent the idea of an afterlife, found in Christianity, that there is a redemptive Heaven world and a punishing Hell world. Moreover, Indian mythological knowledge was not the only one to describe different planes of existence. Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life in Norse Mythology, was imagined to consist of 9 worlds:

And finally the 10 Mystical Emanations of the Sephirot (The Energy points of the Inward Tree of Life in the Kabbalah). Some believe these emanations exist within us, and if the human soul can master them, upond death it passes through the spiritual grid of the Sefirot and reaches Angelarium.

This knowledge of multiverses, was nothing new to our pagan ancestors, as you can see above. However, scientists are divided on the topic of whether indeed there is a multiverse, much like our ancestors were divided in their belies regarding the themes and deities which existed in each Loka:

Now it’s interesting how these trees and lokas correspond to some extent with the New Age understanding of reality, as divided between three levels of dimensions, through which human consciousness can evolve. The first of these is the 3D which represents our three-dimensional reality organised according to width, length and depth. Then there is the 4D, which represents the added dimension of time (although some scientists also think they can disprove the concept of time). Lastly, there is the elusive 5D, the level which contains anything above or beyond the two previous dimensions (some would say here is where the 7 lokas above us begin, or where Asgard begins). This realm is strangely called the ‘5’D, almost as if there is a logical ordering or layering of these dimensions, but the 5D describes not only what is above us but also what is below and neighbouring us (the idea of parallel planes of existence).

I would so far as to say that the 5D could be seen as a reservoir which containts The Lokas (in Hindu culture), The Tree of Life, Yggdrasil in Norse mythology or the Sephirot in the Jewish esoteric book of the Kabbalah. But I would think it’s wrong to assume that the 3D is separate from the 4D and 5D – these are not layered and hierarchical dimensions, they are co-mingled dimensions. We can embody 5D energy when we pray and connect to Spirit, and the 3D serves to anchor and measure 5D elements (when we measure and mapp out the Universe or write about spiritual deities etc).

My point is that what many different cultures and religions describe in their own culturally-specific ways, could actually refer to the same discoveries currently made by astro-phisicists. Both spirituality, religion and science are describing energy, its origins, shifts and transformations. And finding out our origins might lead us back to exploring tiny bundles of energetic entanglements.

However, the Universe is not only made up of energy but also matter and gases. Energy seems to be what sheds light and connects all these things together. For example, light is the form through which things are photographed in space, and also the way in which we might someday travel through our galaxy (at the speed of light). This is proved by the fact that galaxies that exist in our space, as the Universe is expanding, remain out of sight from the Hubble telescope if Hubble is not able to capture light. So capturing light waves and frequencies help us map out the cosmos, but spiritually light is also a matter of consciousness and awareness. Light in the cosmos confirms existence and if we think of the warming light of the Sun, it also pertains to how life exists on our own planet and might potentially exist on other planets (which are not yet visible to us).

This post has been an exploratory endeavour. My point is that making these associations is the goal itself of exercising our creative thinking. Through this process of associating different bits of knowledge, we can switch on our creativity. It is not about establishing right from wrong, but about connecting the wisdom of spiritual folklore and mythology with the research that science is able to provide uswith, at this given moment in time. In this way we can play with knowledge and we might be better able to understand ourselves and reality in new and exciting ways, much like the meaning of the Hanged Man card in the Tarot, suspending your disbeliefs for a second, to try to gain a rich, fresh perspective on life. I wrote about the deeper meaning of this card, in a previous post: https://spiritualsocial.wordpress.com/2020/07/18/tarot-saturday-7-the-hanged-man-death/

The Hanged Man card in the Good Tarot Deck by Collete-Baron Reid

I hope this post helped shift your perspective a little bit 😉

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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