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In this post I aim to share with you some ideas for spells you can do yourself, as a form of release-work or cleansing of past, toxic energy – this is what I mean by ‘auto-spellcraft’, ways in which you can bless your life to make it more abundant and wholesome by transmuting energy.

Because I work with the energies of the lunar cycle, I offer below a spell you can do on a New Moon and one you can enact on a Full Moon. I used this spells in the past and continue to do so when the circumstances require. If you are uncomfortable with the word ‘spell’ just remember that a spell is simply an intention that unconsciously guides your actions through the power of your unconscious minds and conscious speech. So spell or no spell, you are magical just because you exist and are alive! But in case you reach a bend in the road and you hit an especially rough patch on this journey called ‘life’, below are some practical tips that can see you through.

New Moon Ritual

Get a piece of Rose Quartz (it can be shaped however you wish), and on the New Moon take your stone and hold it to your heart. This is best to do when you are laying down and you be relaxed and focused. I want you to visualize the person that broke your heart (it can be a lover, parent, friend etc.) and focus on sending the energy of the rose quartz around yourself and going into your body. Say out load ” I forgive _______ his or her name____and myself for all the hurt and pain that was caused. This pain I release and no longer allow it into myself and around my space.” You have to say this with a strong intention or it will not be helpful. Visualize the rose quartz colored light around you whenever a thought of that person comes into your mind. Sleep with this charged quartz by your bed until the Moon becomes full (a 2-weeks period). At the full moon bathe the stone in the moonlight, and if you feel that you still are in pain, you can repeat this proces for as long as needed.

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Let the magic in this spell

Clear the space in which I dwell

(Useful affirmation while saging and smudging your home)

Full Moon Ritual

Chord cutting ritual to cleanse your energy of someone else’s: On the eve of a Full Moon, light a white or golden candle and say the following words “I cancel any and all contracts, agreements, bindings, documents, alliances, allegiances, written, verbal and non-verbal commitments with any and all persons, places and beings who are not an energetic match with me and my life purpose. Thank you Holy Spirit, it is done!”

Mantra creating ritual: Get a musical instrument ( a tibetan bowl, a triangle, some wind chimes, a glockenspiel, a harp, a flute etc.) or a large glass on whose rim you can create a melodious sound by running your finger around the top of the glass. Strike or play your instrument once, and as you allow the musical reverberations of your instrument to fill the room, light up a red or pink candle and write down your new mantra for the current lunar cycle. For example, mine was:

I am loved

I am blessed

I am protected

I fear nothing

And I am connected to everything

Everything works for my growth

Design a seal (a protective symbol, usually inked in a different colour than the text of the mantra – I prefer silver or gold pens or acrylic paint), that is specific to you underneath the mantra and then place this piece of paper somewhere you can see it daily (on the fridge door, near your desk or laptop, on your nightstand etc.); keep it until the New Moon, then tear it apart and create a new one.

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Chording and Unchording

This is a strings of rituals you can add to your spiritual practice whenever you feel that you are depleted of energy and despite keeping a daily healthy routine and taking other pragmatic precautionary measures. This is especially helpful for those working in the energy healing professions or those who work in the service industry and deal with a lot of people on a daily basis. Cleaning your aura and energetic field should become a daily habit like brushing your hair and your teeth. Chords appear all the time, since we are beings of energy, not only matter.

If you suddenly feel sleepy, sick, you have a headache and feel drained for no apparent reason, it could be that people have chorded you and you need to sever these energetic ties and reclaim your power back. Chords can be thin and transitory (in cases of meeting strangers and dealing with envy, evil eye, bad intent or simply someone reaching their energy out to you), or more strong and thick (in cases of having children or having sex with someone, especially someone you love). Here is a beautifully written article by Chloe Rain, which goes in-depth on the topic of chords:

I gathered here some video resources to help you, especially if you are a beginner at this unchording spiritual practice. The first video, I discovered recently and offers a really interesting perspective on how you can work with a chord’s energy, rather than cutting it (I’m personally still training my ability to over-power someone else’s energy, so not sure if this might work if you are a beginner at energy healing work, but it never hurts to practice):

The second video from, was one of the first ones I tried and was surprised it actually worked. In my case it took 3 lunar & menstrual cycles to cut the chord, since it was a really thick energetic chord I had with my ex-husband. I loved him so much but following our divorce, my energy never returned while he was out dating other women and enjoying himself. So I took matters into my own hands and decided to sever the emotional and energetic bond. It took a couple of sessions because we had been together a total of 6 years so the chord was deep and strong, but I gradually started feeling my energy coming back into me and felt powerful and rejuvenated once again:

Keep in mind that cutting a chord with someone you deeply loved (whether a parent or a lover) is a painful process. I had sweaty dreams, hot flashes, I threw up a couple of times and frequently cried during the 3 lunar cycles. Some episodes where more intense than others. But at the end a sense of relief overtook me. I was able to get back into my work-out routine, I finished my work reponsibilities on time, and even took on a second form of employment. I felt more optimistic and was able to let go.

At the moment, I love to do these 2 healing meditations since I opened myself up energetically to do tarot readings for my crew. These also work if you are travelling a lot and are exploring a new place and connecting with new people and their energies:

As always, I hope this post helped broaden your perspective and taught you something useful and protective. Feel free to reach out in the comments with your own rituals, so we can learn from each other.

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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