Reading Darlene Green’s ‘In Service to Love Book 1’

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This article is a spiritual book review. This isn’t just a book, it’s a warm hug. While reading it I experienced a soothing sense of mental ease, like I was gently coasting through each page rather than analytically examining it’s content. It reads slowly, but beautifully and it inspires you to seek for light in your surrounding reality.

Darlene Greene, a healer and a teacher, had a vision in 2017 that sparked her to sit down with what she calls The Council of Light. Tuning into the guidance of this group of Light Beings, she decided to become their humble Scribe. So for one year, she wrote daily a chapter of reflections on the nature of light and love. These daily meditations became the material of the present book. She named this experience ‘three hundred and sixty six days of conscious expansion’.

Light Activation Cards from the Work Your Light Oracle Deck

Personally, it seems that Darlene simply connected with Spirit after a moment of spiritual epiphany, so I’m not sure if I would call her guides ‘the council of light’ since this sounds to me a bit political for my spiritual taste (a council reminds me of the United Nations for some reason, and I try to exclude images of politicians when I tune into the spiritual realm). It might feel eery as well to read how the chapters are written from the perspective of these members of the council of light. But aside from this minor aspect, the book’s messages tug at the heart strings because they are empowering and hope-giving.

I like to think of the energy of ‘In Service to love’ as the energy of the Empress card meeting the Sun card in the Rider Waite Tarot

The best part is that its structure permits you to either read the book in one flow or portion it day by day (much like the author wrote it); or you could be drawn to one specific title such as ‘Trust’ or ‘Creating from Your Wholeness’ and go straight to that specific chapter – you won’t lose the plot, because there isn’t one; the writer’s intention is to uplift you from whichever angle you approach this boks.

The overall impression is that this string of daily impressions, realizations and meditations brings you closer to a mysterious sense of presence, inner warmth and grateful stillness. For example, the author eases you into the book in a calm and open-hearted way, when she writes:

I have not met you, but I know you. I see you. Thank you for your courage to be All of you. Thank you for answering the call of your heart’s mission.

p. 4

You feel like she is your friend or counsellor, guiding you towards a mysterious mission. That mission is to become authentic and realise that you are part of the fabric of the Divine:

For most, it is in one cataclysmic moment at death that you get the confirmation that who you have been all along is a divine expression of Source in form. You are a being of light in light. You see that all the moments of your life are for the purpose of experiencing yourself as Love. You see the beautiful journeys woven by humanity, as each in their perfect way sift and sort through the happenings of life in search of themselves.

p. 19

No you are not losing your mind, you are simply finding your heart again. Indeed, the experience of reading the book felt very Neptunian. It was soft and dreamy but also hazy and ilusory. I had to go back several times and re-read the beginning because some details escaped me. When I found myself on page 50, I seemed to have lost the thread for a while as to what was the purpose of the book and again felt like sliding back to the beginning. The boundaries eluded me for a while, but I think this is what Darlene intended, as she writes:

When you trust there is more, you can look beyond what you already know. The space to see newly is created. As you let go of reflexive thought and action, there is an opening for more to enter the situation. Reflexive action and thinking is typically connected to a rigid belief system that is a default way of thinking. Breathe possibility into the situation and step back to watch the events, as an observer. Be curious. Do you feel the space open around you?

p. 28
Light Activation Card from the Secret Language of Light Oracle

But maybe it’s just me and my unconscious, acting up on me at the moment because I’m in a period of deep healing. In part, I consciously placed myself in this and in another part, the current events of 2020 have more or less ‘naturally’ placed me in – the experience of being still and processing everything I have lived so far. There are also some astrological transits that are guiding my healing process in this period. I have a strong Uranus transit in my 7th house, the house of the Shadow Self. My Uranus is currently zapping the powerful energy of Pluto in Scorpio in my first house and is also conjuncting my natal Mars.

The 7th house is the house of love, long-term contracts and commitments, the Other and our Shadow Self. In addition the current North Node in Gemini is transiting over my natal Chiron in Gemini in the 8th house. The 8th house is the house of power and intimacy, of trust and transformation, and Chiron here talks about sexual wounds, but most prodfoundly wounds regarding the pain of uniting with a counterpart, of trusting your soulmate deeply only to be deceived (Gemini is the trickster of the Zodiac).

The Golden Empress & El’Shaddai from the Mausolea Oracle of Souls Deck

Overall, these are two pretty ‘ouch’ transits to have on their own, not to mention combined, but I trust that everything is happening for my benefit and for the benefit of those I connect with. So in this period which involves a lot of release, emotional purging and careful self-analysis, this beautiful book arrived, like a light on a boat during a stormy night at sea.

As a lot of unconscious processing and reprograming is naturally taking place within me at the moment, and I am conscisouly embodying more of my lightworker role here on Earth, isn’t it beautiful when you receive books such as this one, that usher in a new wave of light into conscious awareness?

Light Masters from the Keepers of Light Oracle Deck

So I feel that this book came to me at exactly the right time, and sometimes as impatient and impulsive as I can be, I cannot help to be humbled by the accuracy and significance of things happening in Divine timing. Spirit never fails us.

And this is not only my private experience. While doing some research on the book’s background I found another blogger, The Wellbeing Blogger, who also considers that the book arrived in Divine timing and that indeed it is a book that can not be easily digested by everyone, in one sitting. This is because the daily messages that Darlene so helpfully channeled for her readers, need some re-reading and some time to process. I think they work to reprogram your mind in a deep way that touches upon the unconscious.

It is journey I would say, much like the one Darlene has been on since 2017, when inspired by the memory of her father and grandfather and the events that took place in that year, she decided to allow this book to pour out of her. I have to say I enjoy very much when other writers channel and share the personal details of their inspiration, because in a sense it inspires me as a writer and spiritual seeker as well. This is the reason why I sprinkled images of light & lightmasters from my oracle decks, to guide you further along on this light journey. As Darlene writes:

You will discover the language of your soul as you embrace your divinity (p.21)

Light waves, Photo by Maxime VALCARCE on Unsplash

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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