Let Your Jupiter Lead the Way!

Zeus – Marble head of River Ganges statue from baroque Fountain of Four River in the center of Piazza Navona Square, Rome (17th century)

When we think of change, we are often frightened by the perspective ahead. Those who are astrology-savy usually think of Saturn and Pluto and pain or upheaval. We imagine that what will come in our lives will be swift, irreparable and dramatic, in order to get us to change our habits, leave toxic places and people and take those pro-active leaps of faith. And indeed, a Pluto or a Saturn transit with a lot of squares and oppositions to the Sun, Moon or the Ascendant of a person, will feel deeply painful and traumatic. But sometimes change doesn’t always have to come with fragments of drama. Change can sometimes come about as easy as taking your coat off, or realizing something and acting on it without resistance or impediments. Often a change of mind, heart or residency, set us back into alignment with Source energy or Spirit. Leaving a person that you no longer resonate with or a lover you no longer love can feel like a relief, liberating and hopeful. Dropping a job that kept you bound and bored, can also feel like a breath of fresh air has entered your career. Moving from one location to another can renew your life and bring a sense of adventure in your heart. So when you feel the winds of change entering your life, look to your chart to discover whether they are bringing in some painful karmic endings (Satun and Pluto) or helping you let go of what you naturally have outgrown (Jupiter). Even in the midst of a dark knight of the soul, I would encourage you to turn to Jupiter to find your ‘happy place’ since we always carry this energy in our charts, from our birth until our physical demise.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our small solar system, according to NASA. Our South-European ancestors represented this largesse in their Greek pantheon through the image of Zeus, the God who ruled over Gods and who enacted moral order by appealing to wit, chance, a gamble, joy for life, unlimited creative potential and occasionaly his flaming thunder. For a primer on the Jupiter/Zeus’ myth go here: Roman mythology/the Greek God Zeus

Top view of one of Jupiter’s poles – Image from NASA

Jupiter governs the wildly lucky, optimistic and studious sign of Sagittarius (and before Neptune was discovered it also co-ruled imaginative and dreamy Pisces); it also rules over the 9th house of faith, the higher mind and mentorship. In general, having a Jupiter return means that for aproximately one year, you are blessed with dharmic rewards and abundance (considering the aspects Jupiter is making to your personal planets). But why is Jupiter considered to be such a benefic influence compared to Mars, Saturn and Pluto, who get a bad rep in astrology? Well for one thing, it’s because the planet Jupiter protects Earth from being obliterated by comets. Some astronomers believe that it is the lucky relationship between Jupiter – who blocks incoming and outer-galactic entities because of its sheer mass – and Saturn – whose magnetic pull absorbs the debris of Jupiter’s impacts and arranges them neatly in concentric rings around its axis; these two planets provide us with our saving grace and allow life to flourish unencumbered here on Earth.

On a spiritual level, we are protected by Jupiter since as mortals we are its creations. If in pagan times, Zeus had a pretty earthy and sensual image, in the New Testament’s Christian times he was transformed in a pure source of love and light, and worshipped for many years under the guise of a universal God, who fathered a son called Jesus Christ and in complete purity with the Virgin Mary.

More recently, through the really insightful astrological teachings of Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo (two of my favourite astrologers and the mentors I initially learned astrology from), the study of the esoteric meaning of the planet Jupiter experienced a revival. We now know that one can become aware of the energy that Jupiter offers a native in his/her chart, by the sign and position that Jupiter individually governs (the astrological sign, and the house it resides in, as well as the aspects it makes to all the other planets in a chart). We can thereby learn to work with this energy to experience and create good luck and prosperity in our lives, on an ongoing basis.

At a personal level, Jupiter represents joy, luck, effortless growth and how you attract opportunities. It liberates you in a joyous way, it makes things come to you easier, since it is the energy of the ‘Great Attractor’ or ‘Superattractor’. This planet shows you the best things about your life, and the house it resides in your chart is the place where you can always turn to for constant blessings. Jupiter shows how you grow and what you are here to learn and thrive at. It is believed the from birth until about the age of 7, we are protected by Jupiter – our early and formative years cover us in a coating of fun, adventure and humor that keeps us alive and active, even if we are born in pretty difficult circumstances; this could be one of the reasons why children are so naturally playful, curious and adventurous. Another aspect is that according to Ernst Wilhelm, Jupiter represents the spiritual husband or the ideal man in a woman’s chart (while Mars shows what physical features she will find arrousing in a man). With a Jupiter partner (i.e. the Sun of your husband is the same as your Jupiter sign), a woman experiences abundance and constant growth, while with a Mars partner a woman might be sexually satisfied but she also runs the risk of arguing a lot or suffering at the hands of a man whose Sun sign shares her Mars placement.

I could focus more on the two books above, but I’d rather just leave them here as references, since I know my crew are highly intelligent and self-taught so I encourage you to read them for yourself (here is a brief esoteric summary). What I want to continue with is to give you a glimpse of how I understand them, in the hopes that it can inspire you to develop your own way of thinking about Jupiter’s energy in a birth-chart. Having read and interpreted birth-charts for many years now, I developped a deeply personal way of understanding Jupiter. Below is the gathered intuitive and learned knowledge I have so far about Jupiter as it is manifesting its energy through each zodiac sign:

Image of a smiling woman holding a ‘Joy’ sign by Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash
  • Jupiter in Aries – This is Jupiter amped up by militant Mars. So you attract abundance when you relate to others directly, confidently and curtly in your everyday affairs. You can risk coming across as more ‘bossy’ or creatively impatient in how you handle others, because this authentic sense of self will make you very charismatic and popular. You grow when you do rather than when you over-think things. You are asked to embody the role of the leader if you want to gain prosperity in this lifetime. Don’t elaborate too much or use a lot of polite words, but rather show people in creative ways what makes you happy. Fight the need to procrastinate and delay acting on your decisions. Aries is the first sign and represents the primal fire of spirit, virility, action and in some cases even violent self-expression. Take control of nurturing a deep connection to Spirit, and act in tandem with your heart’s impulse regarding what is right and wrong; then watch how you’ll receive amazing and inspiring ideas to create something unique in this life, for others to enjoy. While I don’t encourage you to be violent, it’s essential that you listen to and cultivate your intuition. It’s really important to trust you own feelings rather than to rely on the advice of other people, because if you do you not, will miss out on a lot of abundance in life. Say what you mean and mean what you say, and definitely own your pleasures. Whatever the case, feel free to live your life without asking others for permission. The more risks you take the more prosperity you unlock.
  • Jupiter in Taurus – Jupiter meets Earthy Venus! With Taurus energy here, you have luck in the acquisition, conservation and enjoyment of material wealth and financial resources. You are meant to create and experience pleasures of many kinds. People perceive you as a reliable and sensual presence and they naturally like and trust you. Your body could have some curvy features and overall you tend to look healthy, strong and fertile. People instinctively are drawn to you and they like to have you around because you project an earthy and grounded type of confidence. You also calm people’s energies, so be careful because you might attract energetic vampires and chaos addicts who feed on your energy (this might also affect your monetary abundance so I advise setting strong boundaries in your personal life). With a Jupiter in Taurus you can be playful and pull occasional pranks on people. You tend to see the positive side in any unfortunate situation and are very good at knowing the worth of objects and at saving money, or at spending it on things that are genuinely valuable. You are generally perceived as a stable, prosperous and sensually alluring co-worker/business partner, but watch out for over-indulging in your creature comforts or being too stubborn to budge. You easily attract money to you, wherever you go.
  • Jupiter in Gemini – With a Mercurian Jupiter, you grow through how you communicate. You might generally like to have two of each (relationships, options and opportunities, for example). You are truly happy when engaged in simple common-sense things and when you chat or use technology, as part of your daily routine. You grow by reading, acquiring and consuming facts, so education in general makes you happy and gives you a feeling of being intellectually rich. One potentially negative aspect with this placement is that you can easily create and enjoy gossip, so watch out for the tendency to spread negative and unverified rumours. You feel the happiest when you are co-operating or partnered-up. In your best days, you are drawn to communicate and engage with others in some fun chit-chat. You like to expand your mental energy to others and might enjoy board-game nights or exchanging facts or watching a game at a local cafe/bar. You just enjoy getting to know a lot of people and connecting with them. When you are sad, the best thing to do is to be together with other people and talk to them. Allow others to teach you things about yourself. You also enjoy discussing partnerships and ideas and you might enjoy dressing in rebellious and anti-Zeitgeist ways. Education and technological gadgets, using the Internet and downloading new apps is also a great way to stay in touch with your loved ones in light and slightly detached ways.
  • Jupiter in Cancer – This is abundant energy in the sign ruled by the Moon, so your feelings and unconscious desires can help you manifest new opportunities and good luck. Express yourself, baby! You are naturally filled up with healing and maternal energy, and you can attract the most luck when you nurture people by feeding them, holding them, making them feel safe and relaxed, when you tackle your daily chores with thoughtful and kind communication. The key to your prosperity is flowing with your emotions, and learning to become more aware of your intuition and emotions so you can allow them to guide you to the right people, places and chances for you. You also have a lot of luck in terms of saving up money, having a supportive family life (your own or the one you come from, or at least the relationship with the mother), acquiring property and feeling good in your home. Childhood sweethearts, old-school mentors, nostalgic groups of which you were once part of, your culture and your nation, all give you a sense of hopeful belonging. Cancer is the sign of emotional safety, so turn to your children, the privacy of your home, photo albums and family heirlooms when life becomes difficult. I see you having a house with a lot of books, creative details (such as tarot cards) and spiritual symbols that reflect your soul. Cooking can also be incredibly soothing to you and a happy experience.
  • Jupiter in Leo – The Great Attractor meets the Sun! With this placement you attract good luck when you are generous, enthusiastic and optimistic. Leo is the proud Lion type of energy, so the more you express yourself and take the lead in a social situation, the more you will attract good opportunities towards you. You are meant to inspire others, to make them laugh and encourage them to reach their goals. People will see you as a role-model, if you act on these impulses. With this placement you are energized by coming in contact with famous people, by practicing self-care and by focusing on creative self-expression. You are also drawn to/manifesting celebrations and festivities, and you feel the happiest when you celebrate something, especially in your family life. You easily attract well-known people to yourself or hang around with people who have a star-like quality. Leo energy is super creative and energetic, so if you start your own business and one that involves fun, empowering and creative aspects, you will earn a lot of money. The older you get, the larger your social circle will become and the more people you will attract for both business and pleasure. By being fun, loyal and strong you pull in everything you need.
  • Jupiter in Virgo – When Jupiter meets Earthy Mercury, this is a true marker of a witch or shaman, because spiritual enlightenment requires daily material and physical dedication and you excel at that! You grow a lot through the information you gather in your everyday life and through analyzing the information and resources received. Jupiter is placed in the Earth-based sign of Virgo, so this means that anything related to curing and treating diseases, medical and plant-based advice and products, anything related to wellbeing and mindfulness are especially attractive to you and make you feel happy and expansive. You like to work towards tangible results, and could work in a profession where you deal with medicine, health and wellbeing and even alternative practices (such as Reiki or Ayurveda practices, the use of crystals, or the best organic markets where to shop from). You attract opportunities when you act from your integrity, work in the service of others, stay clean and well-put together. Being helpful and hard-working rather than critical is your way to prosperity. You actually feel happiest if you can sort or organize something that has to do with careful attention to details, such as: constructing or repairing computers, preparing an education programme, writing and editing, creating clothes and patterns, sorting out your clothes or colour-coding them, managing online comments or creating a website from scratch. You attract good luck when you clean, declutter and organize things, and when you apply logic to make sense of life.
Jupiter rules over the game of chance inherent in tarot and oracle readings – Photo by Shreyas shah on Unsplash
  • Jupiter in Libra – Here Jupiter meets Airy Venus. So you are blessed in the realm of love, you are a lover and a refined communicator. You feel the luckiest when you are partenered up in long-term business partnerships or a solid marriage. You enjoy finding out things about your Shadow Self and you use this knowledge to improve relationships, to educate or to create art. You grow through connecting with other people, by learning and communicating with them about your own beliefs and desires. The best way to manifest is to ‘ask and you shall receive’, so let people know of the things you enjoy or the fact that you are undergoing problems, and then see how they help you achieve them. You grow by negotiating your way through life. Libra is a beautiful energy and it is the least solitary sign, so whenever you feel low, reach out to talk to people, ask them for advice or create something beautiful. You are often in love with the idea of love with such a placement and this means that you might marry more than once in your life – but remember that your soul craves adventures rather than stagnation and safety, so feed it new love experiences that will inspire you to create beautiful and innovative art. Playing fair, creating beauty and establishing many different relationships are key to your success.
  • Jupiter in Scorpio – Jupiter meets Pluto, and becomes ‘Dark Jupiter’. So with this placement you grow by establishing bonds of trust and respect with others, through how you intimately relate to others, and how you use your power (and you have a lot of it!). Secret opportunities for earning money, disclosed information and sexual partners arrive to you easily. Scorpio governs over sex, magic, taxes, shared finances and the occult, so you will have many opportunities to gain material goods from close partnerships, especially long-term ones that will teach you a lot about the unconscious behaviors your might have. Relationships have the power to transform your finances. Once the lesson is learned you will purge that relationship and move on to another, to learn even more about your Shadow-self (that place in the unconscious parts of our psyche where we store our fears, our defects, unwanted parts of ourselves and secret desires). You heal so quickly from intimate trauma and can regenerate faster than anyone. The more you transform in life, the more luck you attract and the more prosperity you will create. The dark is actual a place of joy for you (death might fascinate you) and you have an uncommon attraction towards understanding and unpacking the grittier aspects of life. Nobody is more resilient than you are and very few understand your dark sense of humour, but you are loyal to a fault.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius – The exalted placement! Jupiter loves to be at home, in the sign it rules, the lucky, expansive and truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius. You attract and create a sense of freedom wherever you go, and you will enjoy travelling. You are bold, honest, idealistic and a little bit wild. It takes you a while to commit to something because you see the whole world as a wonderful playground, you have faith in a higher forces and feel inspired to pursue lofty goals. Inside of you beats a passionate heart, armed with a healthy doses of daily enthusiasm. What guides this optimism is your direct line to the Divine. Having the God of luck in the exalted sign of Sagittarius, means that you can easily manifest what you think, say and feel. Knowing this, please keep an optimistic mindset and see how your life changes for the better when you turn each challenge in life into a wise lesson. Wake up daily and bless yourself and others by saying beautiful things; you can change your life and luck just by what you choose to enunciate. There is nothing to fear with this placement since any hidden enemies are removed from you – you truly are protected by God. You could also enjoy tantric sex and have many children with this fertile and abundant placement. Commit to happiness and to the emotional transformation of any negativity, on a daily basis and then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your manifestation.
  • Jupiter in Capricorn – Jupiter is not very happy when it meets the limits of Saturn; this is why many astrologers consider this as a ‘detriment’ position, because the luck and the blessings of a Jupiter in Capricorn native come about slowly, in time and with effort. So with Capricorn energy here, you grow the most in life when you are building solid material foundations and are achieving tangible results in this lifetime. Arm yourself with patience and determination, and God will continue to bless your goals. However, you must infuse your practical achievements with a sense of spirituality and with a genuine desire to do good and to help others. You can literally bring your dreams into being with this placement, but you also create and receive instant karma, so be careful and check that what you say and do is in alignment with your values (integrity is key). The more spiritual, systematic and profound you are in your everyday work and in how you communicate, then the luckier you will become. You will be very happy when you settle down and have your own family since stability makes you happy. This is because you enjoy watching your hard work grow and to receive rewards for all that hard-work. Your children and home life will be foundational for you in this lifetime because you see them as your legacy. Your family will also teach you important lessons about how to express your emotions and thereby enhance your intuition in your professional life as well. With such a placement, if you follow tradition you will always receive support.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius – Jupiter meets Uranus, so anything goes! With this placement you are highly intelligent, even brilliant, and are attracted in equal amounts to the occult and to scientific research. You manifest lucky opportunities through what you say and how you speak, so watch that your words are positive. You grow in this lifetime by acquiring many different forms of knowledge and with the local support of your social group or through technology. You have the capacity to bring together groups of people, to educate large groups of people and also to play the match-maker with your friends. You might feel at times like your identity is merged with that of your group of friends and there might be power struggles involved, but it all works out in your favor. You feel the happiest when you can communicate the knowledge you have gathered, you have the support of your local community groups (especially school friends), and you could speak many different languages as well. God will always find a way to bless you with spontaneous bouts of awareness, so you will always be ahead of anyone else in your life, but these moments of ‘genius’ might also make you alone and misunderstood. Don’t give up on others simply because they function at a lower level of awareness but rather share your generous resources with others and teach others how to become independent thinkers (like you).
  • Jupiter in Pisces – Jupiter meets idealistic and dreamy Neptune. Many astrologers think that this placement portends great spiritual wealth because of the self-sacrificing disposition that it gives to its native. A Piscean Jupiter creates a lot of dharma (rewards). So you grow through having a humanitarian goal in mind and working to make your hopes and wishes come through. The more creative and idealistic you are in life, the better. You can help people who struggle with mysterious needs or desires, because you have the capacity to download messages from the Ether. You need a creative outlet for all the inspiration you are receiving on a daily basis. The more giving and self-sacrificing you are, the more luck and support you attract from others. When you let go, opportunities magically come back to you, in a ‘spiritual sling-shot’ effect. With this soft Piscean energy that you project into the world, you are a natural born sweetheart; so share your unconditional love with the world and this love will come find you in mysterious ways and through unexpected gifts, money, resources and benefactors that will float to you when you need them the most. You attract opportunities in life the more open-hearted, idealistic and ready to help others you are. For example, helping the down-trodden, the outcasts, the homeless, people who struggle with spiritual faith, or simply friends who suffer from heart-ache are what bring you a boost of happiness and good luck in life.
The Jupiter cards from the Black Moon Astrology Oracle and the Numinous Astro Deck

If you felt that these descriptions did not resonate with you, it might be that you are not working your Jupiter well or that there might be blocks to your Jupiterian energy (squares, oppositions or interceptions). In addition, looking at the house placement of Jupiter will nuance the meaning in a deeper way.

Jupiter’s Special Significance Through the Astrological Houses

There are some other interesting clues to look for, as you take into account Jupiter’s house placement in a given chart: a 1st and 2nd house Jupiter indicate that many pregnancies are possible/you are highly fertile and that keeping your weight down will be difficult in life // a 3rd and 9th house Jupiter mean that you can learn things really quickly and can distribute them just as well, but you can easily get overwhelmed; in both scenarios you are blessed with the gift of random friendships // an 8th and 12th house Jupiter means that you are very good at bed pleasures and that you can tap into occult and psychic sources of knowledge which you should learn to master rather than be afraid of; you also make money from mysterious and secret sources // a 4th house Jupiter is all about privacy, just as much as a 10th house Jupiter is all about the public status earned through their hard-work // finally, Jupiter loves the 5th house which is the house of play and leisure, as much as it loves the 11th house, the house of hopes and dreams coming true.

As always, I hoped this helped, inspired and served! Let me know your thoughts/experiences/book recommendations in the comments down below.

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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