Significant Conjunctions in the Birth-chart & their Meaning

Photo by Bilal O. on Unsplash

Inspiration struck me in the shower (as always, since I’m a water sign) and suddenly I felt the urge to write this post in the hopes that you too will feel contaminated by curiousity, and pull up your own chart to see if any of these significant conjunctions appear. As always, my intention is to inspire you to seek your own truth while having fun with astrology. Below are some of the most interesting and tricky-to-interpret combinations which I very often see in the charts of my clients. So this post can serve as a useful reference for those of you who practice astrology:

Saturn conjunct Uranus – This is the energy of an electric storm brewing in the closet. You have the energy of the stern and stoic Repressor (Saturn) combined with the rebellious and inquisitive Maverick (Uranus). So you experience circumstances in life which show you the limits of your goals, love, energy, dreams and desires (or the limits of your wealth and body, if Saturn is placed in more material houses like the 2nd, 6th or 10th). But as soon as you become aware of specific limitations in your life, you suddenly take some form of innovative action to break through that limitation. And you will be successful enough to lead other people towards their own liberation, by teaching them how to overcome such perceived limitations. You are the living embodiment of the Doors’ song ‘Break on Through (to the Other Side)’ This placement also shows a life-long inability to stick to habits and schedules since they will be frequently changed or turned into creative forms of living (so try not to conform or place yourself in a box). If this placement is difficult to hold down a steady routine, the good news is that it also protects you from addictive habits (you’ll just get bored and feel the compulsion to switch things up pretty soon).

Saturn conjunct Jupiter – This is a confusing placement because you carry the energy of restrictions and limitations in the same energy as that of expansion and growth! Saturn is the stern father telling you to come home at 9Pm sharp and not to drive drunk, and Jupiter is the optimistic wingman who tells you one more drink is not gonna hurt and you also have some darts to finish playing with your friends. So you will experience a lot of stops and starts in your life and even the energy of the same day can be divided into ‘hardship in the morning’ and ‘good luck at sundown’ 🙂 It’s a tricky placement to navigate, but it denotes that your greatest achievements in life will come with the greatest hardships. It also shows that if you put in the work things will grow quicker and larger for you than for your peers. An example would be: you fight for an inheritance with your siblings and then you settle legally and get a much larger sum than expected (3rd and 8th house hard aspects to the Moon and Venus). Or you start practicing ballet and you end up being chosen as the leading dancer at a much earlier age than your peers or the job is for a presitigous ballet company (5th and 11th house oppositions to Sun and Mars). This placement can sometimes denote a highly influential granfather, someone who serves as your spiritual teacher.

The Moon conjunct The North Node (or Rahu, in vedic astrology) – This placement indicated emotional chaos. It is a difficult indicator for both sexes, but it is believed to be more difficult for women. When you get the energy of unconscious emotions which can bubble up to the surface in random ways in combination with the Head of the Dragon, that destined point of the Moon which indicated the things we find uncomfortable in this incarnation and yet we feel compelled to follow the path of our destiny, then you get obsessive emotions and a rollecoaster of feelings. This combo shows a person who might feel nothing for a while and then everything all at once, a person who loves you today and hates you tomorrow, or someone who is simply never satisfied with how much love they get so they constantly seek out intense feelings and drama in order to fulfill a deep inner need. Depending on other aspects in the chart (trines to Venus, a high-functioning Jupiter, a well-aspected Sun) the individual can experience some softeness, but it’s important to underline that this conjunction needs to be lived out. There isn’t much to do about this transit since it is this person’s destiny to experience the highs and lows of love, betrayal, depression, joy, envy, lust etc. This marker can sometimes indicate a person that needs to be medicated to function appropriately in society, and a famous example is the chart of the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who has this combo in Pisces. She channeled this energy so beautifully in her profession as an actress (Pisces), however she has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Mars conjunct Venus – You have the God of War and Lust combined with the Goddess of Beauty and Love all wrapped up in your energy core. So you act of love, and love to take action! You are a romantic daredevill and can easily become a womanizer or maneater if working with the lowest vibration of this combo. Also, this means these two opposing forces within yourself are constantly ‘making love’, which grants you an incredibly magnetic power. You don’t have to chase love commitments or sexual encounters, these easily come to you. This is because you ooze desire, fertility and a sexy kind of beauty. People of all ages, sexual orientations, and different walks of life are drawn to you like moths to a flame. However, you can easily manipulate people with the promise of love or sexual satisfaction so be mindful of how you use this power. Depending on the astrological sign of this conjunction you can experience satisfactory benefits (such as when Mars and Venus are conjunct in Taurus or Libra) or this type of conjunction can reveal some hidden sexual or romantic abused (such as when the conjunction is in Virgo or Aquarius – because these two signs are usually energeticaly pure and emotionally detached, and they dislike being dragged into sexual and romantic murkiness), especially if this combo is placed in the 8th, 4th or 12th houses of the chart. Many celebrities have this combo in their charts, such as Lupita Nyong’o and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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