The Taurus-Scorpio Nodal Transit Shift

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On the 19th of January 2022, the karmic nodes of the Moon have changed astrological signs. And this is a big event, even if often overlooked by some astrologers. These karmic nodes are imaginary points created by the Moon’s elliptic rotation around the Earth & spiritual masters have imbued them throughout time with a rich symbolical meaning. Since the summer of 2020, the lunar nodes have been in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius and now they have entered the signs of Taurus and Scorpio for the next 18 months. The movement of the nodes makes little sense if you consider it according to traditional astrology. How do we energetically progress and move ‘forward’ on a collective level, when the sign of Gemini stands after Taurus and the sign of Sagittarius also comes after Scorpio? Well, this is because the nodes of the Moon, move backwards than the movement of the rest of the astrological planets and asteroids and stars. And why is that? First of all, because they are imaginary points, as I mentioned above, and the second explanation is esoteric: because the nodes bring up to the surface issues stemming from our ancestral past and our collective karma; so they move backwards to illuminate the past. As we process and integrate the dreams and obsessions, visions and moods we feel during each nodal transit, we also progress by coming up with solutions to our present problems.

Usually, the nodes of the Moon show what we are collectively obsessed with (the North Node) and what we will gradually let go of and be less interested in (the South Node). The astrological signs which they are transiting through, show the content of what we will obsessively crave and what we will shed and release in this cycle. So, in the past 18 months we were obsessed with Gemini-ruled themes such as: online communications & aggressive news broadcasts, transferring education into online environments, problems with neighbors and local neighborhood related issues, coming up with rules and regulations over-night, fast & local transport as we saw the growth of many app-operated delivery services which catered to people’s needs during lockdowns, and the growth of small & mostly home-based businesses. While we had to release Sagittarius-related themes such as: big-picture ideas due to blocked growth, travelling, feeling free, acting wild and wining things, feeling optimistic and filled with blind faith that thinks will just work out; we all generally sacrificed a sense of wellbeing for an increasing awareness of how our ‘cabin fever’ produced mental health symptoms.

At a personal level, there has been a spurt of energy towards Gemini people (Sun/Moon/Ascendants) and a vacuuming of energy away from Sagittarian people (Sun/Moon/Ascendants especially). Now that the energy has shifted to Taurus and Scorpio, there is a sense of balance restored in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Considering where in your natal chart you have these Mercury/Jupiter-ruled houses, you will feel a re-balancing slowly taking place there, as the Venus/Pluto-ruled houses of your chart are undergoing an energetic refurbishing.

In Vedic astrology the nodal points are known as ‘Rahu’ (NN) and ‘Ketu’ (SN). You’ll often finds these nodal points symbolically depicted as a Dragon that eats its own tail, this image representing the Ouroboros or the Cosmic Snake that according to Greek wisdom and mythology stands for life’s many replenishing cycles of destruction/creation, death/rebirth, beginning/ending, Alpha/Omega. Reflecting on the sings in which the nodes of the Moon enter once every 18 months, is therefore a reflection how we can integrate polar opposites, contradictions and our Solar Light of Consciousness with our Darker, Shadow Self. And this new nodal transit will help us figure out how to create from a place of chaos, as we gradually release control and self-doubt.

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So at the moment and up until 13th of July 2023, our current collective obsession will be with everything that falls under the astrological rulership of Taurus. These would be things such as: food, money, stable housing, security, physical comforts, ensuring our basic needs for optimal health (warmth, nourishment, rest, good work, exercise etc.), long-term commitments, independent incomes, lucrative projects and valuing truly valuable things. Taureans (especially the Sun and Mars placements in a chart) conserve their energies since they are a fixed sign, and only operate when they can know with clarity that the actions they undertake will give them a tangible reward. Otherwise, the Taurus rests and eats 🙂 as they lie waiting for a serious and trustworthy opportunity or relationship. Taureans usually know their worth and they maximize it, by the actions they take and the decisions they make. They are slow and fairly predictable, sympathetic and artistic, friendly and simple. They will not complicate life, if life is good & sensible.

Overall, I believe that this transit will be a benefic one, since Taurus is a beautiful, stable, abundant and wealthy energy, as it is naturally ruled by the planet Venus. The darker aspects of Taurus are related to greed and stubbornness, but since we already live in a highly-capitalized, global economic system, we are all already accustomed to the energy of material and financial greed, so it is not a surprising energy. At the same time, I would prefer a dose of stubbornness and determination over and above the Mercurial trickster energy with often unreliable outcomes that we are just recuperating from. But that’s just my preference, feel free to not attach too much value to it.

In general, in the next 18 months, if you have personal planets or asteroids in Taurus you should expect a constant stream of energy activating your natal placements. That part of your chart will keep your attention. This is especially significant if you have your big three (Sun/Moon/Ascendant) in Taurus. Similarly, the house in your chart that is ruled by Taurus (even if there are no planets or asteroids there) will be the one towards which most of the energy will flow until July 2023.

At the opposite end of Taurus, we have Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, the Keeper of the Underworld, the master of the darker and more shadowy aspects of life (death, loss, magic, healing and personal transformation). Scorpio-themed issues such as control, suspicion, revenge, obsessions, lack of worth, problems with money and self-image or lack of trust, will be released and healed. On the more negative side, I do think that the problems of larger corporations, banks and the wealthy 1% will be swept under the rug, and that secrets will proliferate during this transit. The good part about Scorpio energy is that it cuts to the truth of a matter, it values authenticity and power, and abhors deceit and vulnerability. However, we will release this power, gradually into the hands of larger conglomerates (especially technological or logistic-based ones like Amazon, Google, YouTube).

On a personal level, those of us with planets in Scorpio will feel the pressure to let go of relationships that don’t feel right anymore, of jobs that you might not be able to put effort into, of toxic habits and obsessive sexual connections that drained you of your power. The vacuuiming of your energy is part of paying off some karma, and it is ultimately working in your benefit, as new relationships and projects will pour into your life from July 2023. So fear not, brave Scorpions if your ambitious goals do not flourish – you are more or less given a karmic rest from over-exerting your energy in the past, as you heal and recover.

This transit is especially significant since it will conjunct the Pluto in Scorpio placement of a whole generation born between 1983 and 1995, and who are currently in their 30s and 40s and making up the global population of ‘active adults’. An issue with this is that the Pluto in Scorpio generation has a bit of a problem with #adulting, as many of us (myself included) are challenging the status quo in terms of getting married, having children, voting, supporting the economy and the social services system and revering the stability of corporate jobs. We are also reshaping the social world by increasing awareness to gender and sexuality, the occult in all its forms, mental health issues and mass psychological resources. So as the transit of the South Node of the Moon will touch upon Pluto in Scorpio, some of us might find themselves preferring stability over constant change, or commitment over sexual excitement, or maintaining social peace instead of toppling down the government with protests (at least until July 2023).

The other interesting aspect is that Taurean stability will not be as stable as it says on the Venusian-labelled can, since Uranus (the planet of spontaneous events and shocks in awareness) has been transiting through the sign of Taurus since May 2018 (and will continue to do so until 2026). Coupled up with this, is also the increasing pressure that the transit of Saturn in Aquarius will add to these two the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Saturn in Aquarius is about collective change and progress, that comes as a result of seeing what is real around us; how aspects of our social world are just not functioning as well as they could. As the Taurus North Node is about material wealth and the Scorpio South Node is about emotional wealth, we will see in the next 18 months the crisis of identity of the Pluto in Scorpio generation: In a world increasingly aware of the law of manifestation, of a prosperity mindset and our individual super-attractor power, have we used these spiritual gifts to spread deep, genuine and soul-healing love or have we applied such knowledge to our greedy self-interest while worshipping at the Church of Commodified Pleasure? So instead of asking “how can this specific astrological knowledge benefit me?”, maybe we should be thinking of how our innate astrological energy influences the groups around us and the collective at large. Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pleasure, this is why we might need to save true, sensual pleasure from today’s hook-up culture, and episodic chatty relationships formed on a social dating app, which last for about 2 hours or less once the physical act was consumed and the condom came off (or in some cases cyber-sex might be replaced by actual, physical sex in the next 18th months). The same can be said of our relationship to food (and the debate between slow cooking and quick, fast options), our money (which is becoming increasingly abstract as a bunch of numbers on our screen) and our integrity (can I be bought? for how much? what parts of me am I selling on the market? and will my actions continue to hurt the environment?).

This Taurus-Scorpio transit is ultimately about a return to our core values as humans and to moral kinds of love (agape, filia, pragma, storge) rather than image-obsessed and sexual types of love (eros, mania, ludus) – forms of love that we mostly lived out in our minds, as the North Node was in Gemini. I believe that the pandemic has brought to the fore of the spiritual collective what really matters in life. And we need to focus on what matters in the next years, as we enter the great technological and energetic warp that will be provided by the Pluto in Aquarius era. As always, I remain vulnerably hopeful.

With Universal Love,


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