Your Venus Placement Shows How & Whom You Love

Venus with Cupid © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford (image)

I woke up today with a distinct inclination to write about love 🙂 I feel my previous posts were rather dark, so I thought I would shed some light on everyone’s favourite pleasure-indicator in the natal birth-chart, the position of the planet Venus. Now, there are many articles and websites dedicated to the myth behind the planet and the meaning of the Greco-Roman Goddess Venus/Aphrodite , and you can visit here and here if you want a refresher. But in this post I thought I’d focus predominantly on the house and the significance of having a Venus in a specific astrological sign and how this influences your potential love language or love style.

Venus in your natal chart shows a variety of different things. First of all, it shows you how you love, how you show affection and how you respond to compliments, gifts and romantic flirtations. For example, a Venus in Aries likes action and to take initiative in love and prefers hot & fast kisses, while a Venus in Libra prefers decorum & conversation, love notes, good smells and visual symmetry. The first Venusian will show love by doing things with you/for you while the latter Venusian will show love by writing you beautiful messages or talking with you on a daily basis.

Venus also shows the types of people you can easily crush on or instantly like (& it often indicates the astrological sing of the first person you’ll marry/co-habit with). I had a client who revealed to me after I wrote her birth-chart and described her Venus in Capricorn, that she actually was married to a Capricorn Sun. My first husband as well was an Aquarius Sun and I have a natal placement of Venus in Aquarius. Now, marriage is not necessarily tied into you crushing on a specific sign but the placement of Venus shows with relative accuracy the types of people that just ‘do it’ for you romantically & that you will always tend to see in a positive light. For example, a Venus in Saggy will easily crush on a Sun in Saggy, as much as a Venus in Gemini will be drawn towards a Sun in Gemini. This is because the Venus person just loves the way the Sun person is naturally behaving & expressing themselves, since the Sun governs over our identity.

Of course, human attraction, love and sexual preference is a complex cosmos, but looking at the placement of Venus in a person’s chart can be the beginning thread to unravelling their inner love style and love preferences. Usually Venus-Sun attractions are the most powerful since nothing shines as brightly as the Star in the center of our galaxy, the Sun, but equally Venus-Moon or Venus-Jupiter attractions can be powerfully pleasant and delicious for both parties involved! This is because the Venus person loves the ways the Moon person feels and the Jupiter believes in. Although the Venus person would usually do the adoration while the Sun/Moon/Jupiter person will be the one that mostly receives, so if no other supportive aspects are involved in the synastry charts of two people, these forms of attraction might feel one-sided as the relationship develops.

Another thing that Venus governs over is money, how we make it and what we like to spend it on. A Venus in Libra would likely spend their money on the finer things in life (silk clothes, beautiful art, dinner dates at expensive restaurants, fine wines) while a Venus in Capricorn might be frugal with their money and will most likely save up money for a rainy day. A Venus in Capricorn is touched by Saturn, so they might need to learn in time, with effort and after a couple of mistakes what they like, whom they love and what gives them pleasure in relationships. On the same line, we see with the so called ‘detriment’ placement of Venus in the sign of Scorpio, that such a Venusian might struggle in love, they might use money to enhance their sexuality, protect themselves, find out secrets and to gain some form of power over their opponents. A Venus in Scorpio is extreme and finds it hard to balance their romantic energy and this is why this placement is considered to be an ‘unlucky’ one.

When you set out to discover a person’s love style you also need to consider the house that Venus is placed in, since the house that it resides in tells you about the area of life where love is likely to be found, pleasure to be experienced and money is to be earned. The association between love and money might seem odd to some, but this is only because the Christian religion dichotomized what was once considered to be a unitary whole in the ancient Greek world. On a deeper, psychological level, love and money are linked to self-worth. The worth that we attribute to our bodies, our skills, our inner beauty/souls. Based on our qualities and what we deem ‘of worth’ we can also charge a fee or sell these skills in return for a wage/income on the capitalist marker. For example, a Venus in Sagittarius in the 2nd house shows a person that uses their belief systems (Jupiter) in order to make money and is quite lucky at earning money; such an individual believes in the laws of attraction and prosperity and could actively use them in their personal relationships. This person could love the academic environment, might enjoy spending time in libraries, museums, places of historic significance and they could also create courses, write books and teach, in order to earn their living. They like their daily habits and find it hard to say no to pleasures of many different kinds since we are dealing here with a Venus in Sagittarius that is influenced by a Taurean energy, as the 2nd house is naturally ruled by Taurus and hence by Earthy Venus. Their relationships could be long-lasting and they might have friends in many different parts of the world, since Jupiter expands everything it touches. When you reflect on the house (the 2nd, which rules over resources and wealth), and the rulers of both the house (Venus in this case) and the ruler of the sign that Venus is in (so that would be Jupiter since it rules Sagittarius) then the interpretation begins to take a complex and more in-depth form.

To help you out, I’ll provide below a brief sketch of what Venus means in each of the houses and each of the signs. I’ll then leave it up to you to figure out how these combinations might work out in a person’s natal chart:


Venus in the 1st house – This is a person with an attractive identity, loads of self-love, a beautiful body, beautiful features, a charming individual that oozes sex appeal and has an attractive glow about them. They could earn money based on their looks, their lifestyle brand or personal business that carries their name, and are constant source of attraction for new opportunities, since this placement can include the Ascendant. As a comparison, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Rihanna share this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 2nd house – Shows a person with sensual features (especially lips, voice and neck), usually someone who is slow and steady in love, someone destined to become an artist, to earn money by working in the service of art, beauty or financial management. They could own beautiful property, be paid quite well and marry a beautiful partner. Their wealth is usually self-made. As a comparison Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley & Scarlett Johansson have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 3rd house – Indicates a writer, a charming public-speaker or an attractive politician. This is someone who uses words in a beautiful way, they can be excellent storytellers and they might charm the socks off you with the way in which they compliment you. This is usually the placement of someone who enjoys talking to many different people, loves to learn, to read and write and might enjoy new technological developments, transport and short local trips. They can however, suffer from cognitive dissonance. As a comparison Taylor Swift, Nicolas Sarkozy and Jim Carrey have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 4th house – This is the quintessential homebody, a domestic and soulful, private individual that loves to be at home & belong to their nation. They might work from home and earn their living by keeping the world at a safe distance. Ancient astrologers believed this placement offers one beautiful children & redemption from curses. This placement can include the Imum Coeli, the seat of the soul, which means that people with either Venus or Jupiter here have a direct relationship to the Divine. As a comparison Harry Styles, Britney Spears and Bob Marley have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 5th house – Shows someone who is a romantic at heart and enjoys flirting, going out, partying and family celebrations. This is a radiant and attractive placement and the native has many romantic suitors and enjoy having many hobbies and lots of leisure time. It portends having a large family and artistic inclinations, since Venus here is quite fertile, if other planets/aspects are not impeding this. Usually, people with such a placement transform their hobby or natural talent into their career, truly living out the ‘do what you love’ cliché 😊 As a comparison Barack Obama, Tina Turner and Bill Gates have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 6th house – Indicates a dedicated worker, a person who loves to be responsible and of service, to keep themselves clean and orderly and stick to a daily routine that keeps them beautiful and fit. They are inspirational and they love to organize things. They might fall in love at work, since they usually fall in love with their jobs and they have a deep need to be needed. Anything detail-oriented and pragmatic brings them pleasure. As a comparison Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson & Will Smith have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 7th house – We’ve reached the placement of the natural lover! This shows a person who usually is balanced in how they receive and give love. Having Venus in the house of Venus portends marrying for love and wealth, having handsome soulmates & shows that one was born in a family with attractive relatives, especially since it can touch the Descendant. It indicates harmonious business collaborations and legal cases and the capacity to attract romantic partners throughout the life-span, since it protects one from solitude. As a comparison Ryan Gosling, Monica Bellucci and Kate Moss have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 8th house – Shows a daredevil, a contender and a rebel. A Venus in the 8th is comfortable with their Shadow Self, likes to challenge others and has fatal attractions to things and people. They love intensity and control and can use money to over-power others or to keep relationships in secret. Has strong sexual urges and is excellent in the bed-sheets. Dabbles in the occult. As a comparison Natalie Portman, Prince Harry & Kylie Jenner have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 9th house – One of the luckiest placements of Venus, shows someone who will always have plenty as long as they believe in a Higher power guiding them and stay optimistic. Needs to work towards a higher ideal or calling and defend their belief system. Has beautiful mentors and is a beautiful thinker. Loves their freedom, foreign places, religious rituals and places of worship. As a comparison Marylin Monroe, Jennifer Lopez & Kim Kardashian have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 10th house – Shows a person beloved by the public, with an attractive social media image, a person who is radiant and generous. This can include the Midheaven (MC) so the person will leave behind a string of artistic creations, romantic conquests and gain a lot of wealth with the support of the public. Usually this is someone in love with their professional role. As a comparison Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp & Kanye West have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 11th house – The most unique and difficult to understand placement, this shows a person who loves their own weirdness and can attract a lot of innovators around them. Usually, a Venus here indicates a progressive person who easily fulfils their hopes and wishes, feeling as if they have a calling in life. Can initiate many different types of relationships in love that can shock other people (like polygamy, swinging, BDSM etc.) They find love online or through their groups of friends, of which there are many, since this is a sign of personal popularity. As a comparison Martin Luther King Jr, Nicki Minaj & Heath Ledger have this placement but in different astrological signs.

Venus in the 12th house – The dreamer and idealist, this placement makes one wistful for a love that they could never have. The native loves what they have lost in romance & tends to idealize love for love’s sake. Shows someone who loves their solitude and is incredibly fertile and creative. Usually, the native has a better connection to the Divine than to mere mortals. Earns a living as a creator. As a comparison Shakira, Elon Musk and Adele have this placement but in different astrological signs.


Venus in Aries – Loves short-term relationships, exciting partnerships, easy money, doesn’t use many words but prefers to show love by doing something together with their partner. Can be perceived as rude or a bit of a bully in love but partners love their sense of humor, blunt dating approach and determination. Might be drawn to testosterone, muscles, body-building, fast cars and leather clothing. Easily falls in love with Aries or Mars-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct Mars.

Venus in Taurus – The domicile placement of Earthy Venus, this simply means Venus loves being in this astrological sign as the energy flows easily. Maintains long-term connections throughout the life-span, loves to indulge in fine drinks, good food, music and art, and many different forms of sensual pleasures. A traditionalist at heart, can get quite stuck on someone and finds it hard to let go. Loves wealth, stability but is discreet about their opulence. Can make someone have a soft-spoken voice and satin-like skin. Easily falls in love with Taurus or Venus-ruled individuals.

Venus in Gemini – Enjoys having many different options and sometimes get a bad rap as being a player/playerette. Likes quick, fast and witty exchanges of kisses and bodily touches and needs mental stimulation to feel emotionally aroused. Can often fall for the idea of a person than their actual self. Best funny partner you’ll meet as they are always up for jokes & laughter when they are not feeding an existential anxiety. Doesn’t like deep emotions or illness. Easily falls in love with Geminis or Mercury-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct Mercury.

Venus in Cancer – The mothering & smothering partner you always wish you had, this Venus is nurturing, protective and sensitive. Can go through the whole gamut of feelings in just one day. Shy & socially awkward, needs someone who understands their emotional flow and offers them security. Can get quite jealous and territorial when in love & doesn’t understand what justice, ethics or social norms have to do with love & family. Suffers deeply when rejected. Easily falls in love with Cancerians or Moon-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct the Moon.

Venus in Leo – An optimist with charisma and a star-like quality, tends to prioritize Self over Others in relationships. Shows someone who is attracted to fame and fortune & might hang-out with celebrities. Leo Venuses are super creative, and the best way to earn money is to do some form of creative self-expression. Can easily fire-up in love and marry quickly but needs to practice better discernment since many sycophants can pursue them. Easily falls in love with Leos or Sun-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct the Sun.

Venus in Virgo – Clean, organized and efficient this Venus loves to micro-manage their relationships. They hold their partners in high regard, putting them on pedestals and polishing them frequently. Will make sure you always have everything you need to function and thrive. Once they commit, they are ‘sticky’ and won’t back away easily. Might marry someone at work. This placement also shows some hidden abuse that happened in the family. Easily falls in love with Virgos or Mercury-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct Mercury.

Venus in Libra – The domicile placement of Airy Venus, this simply means Venus loves being in this astrological sign as the energy flows easily (yes, in how I interpret astrology Venus has a duo-domicile). Very sweet & polite in how they relate to others and can easily empathize with them, although this might happen predominantly on a superficial level. Loves education, celebrations, going out to eat and aesthetically pleasing things in general. Can talk to a large number of people on a daily basis. Is sociable and popular and enjoys the roses, the champagne and the knight in shining armor narrative. Is emotionally detached and might be more in love with the idea of love and planning a wedding than the actual partner around them. Easily falls in love with Libras or Venus-ruled individuals.

Venus in Scorpio – This is an ‘all or nothing’ placement, and it shows in the choice of partners which can be either the best people in society or the lowest vibrational beings around and in the style adopted by the native which can be either cozy and modest or full-blown sex pin-up/stud. Finds it easy to attract love when they are not pursuing it so badly, but takes a while to understand that love is not only desire and lust. Easily falls in love with Scorpios or Pluto-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct Pluto.

Venus in Sagittarius – A lucky placement but also a hard one to pin-down. Can easily become the eternal bachelor/bachelorette if they do not make a choice in love. Loves freedom, intelligence and progress and hates lies, deceit and pretentiousness. Can be an excellent friend and travel buddy, and astound everyone with their life experiences and tales from their travels. Happy to be wild and carefree in love, and doesn’t get so easily jealous. Easily falls in love with Sagittarians or Jupiter-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct Jupiter.

Venus in Capricorn – Takes love, their job and responsibilities very seriously but ‘all work and no fun’ can lead to occasional mental breakdowns and separations from loved ones. Is usually born into a deeply karmic family and must pay back with their time, emotions and energy what they karmically owe their relatives. Will feel more relaxed about love, earning money and looking beautiful towards the second part of their life, can marry later on in life and with an older and successful partner (or become the main bread-winner for others). Easily falls in love with Capricorns or Saturn-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct Saturn.

Venus in Aquarius – Loves their space and independence and fights for humanitarian causes. Is quite detached in love, has a pure heart, but finds emotions to be tricky or nauseating, so they prefer friendships to intense love-affairs. Can say or do shocking things but is a loyal and trustworthy partner. Earns money in a unique and progressive way and is often ridiculed by peers until they become rich from their innovations. Easily falls in love with Aquarians or Uranus-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct Uranus.

Venus in Pisces – The sweetheart of the zodiac, this placement is considered to be an exalted one as it manifests all the qualities of Venus but on a higher and spiritual level. A natural-born artist, self-sacrificer and care-giver, this Venus will feel constantly torn between loving their close ones and loving the world at large and the Divine, above anything else. Easy to get along with, patient and forgiving, can also be quickly seduced & deceived, as others tend to use them. Easily falls in love with Pisceans or Neptune-ruled individuals. This placement is similar to Venus conjunct Neptune.

For an accurate and complex interpretation you also need to look at the placement of any other planets or asteroids around an individual’s Venus in their chart. A Venus in Taurus conjunct Lilith will be very different than a Venus in Taurus conjunct Jupiter. Furthermore, the aspects that Venus is making are also important. For example a person with a Venus trine Moon has a beautiful way of conveying their feelings in their personal connections, they could use their talents to earn their living and they might be emotionally nourished and very close to their mothers/mother figures. While a person with a Venus squared by Mars in their chart, so a disharmonious aspect, will experience life-long problems in their romantic connections in relation to men, violence and sexuality (since Mars symbolizes will-power, aggression and the sex instinct). Having looked at the sing that Venus is in, the house, any conjunctions that it might make to other planets and asteroids, and the aspects it creates in a person’s chart, you can rest assured that you will be able to provide a wonderful and very revealing interpretation of how a person loves and what love issues they might experience in this lifetime.

With universal love,

Lexi, your local lightworker

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