A Playlist for Romantic Regret

Painting by Otake Ayana “Repose” (2017) // See website: https://shukado.com/artists/otake-ayana/?lang=en

Under the energy of the present Full Moon in Pisces, I thought I would write about a specific feeling, an emotion which is usually associated with the watery realm of the God of the Sea – Neptune/Poseidon, the natural ruler of the astrological twelfth house in the zodiac and of Piscean energy. This feeling is regret.

Regret is a languid feeling, giving birth to heavy, melancholic moods that combine a deep sense of shame with romantic longing and the hope of future forgiveness or reconciliation. When we fall under its spell we mourn what we have lost, while silently hoping for what could take us by surprise and harpoon hope back into our lives. We wish for a mending of some sorts and while we await, we feel ‘liminal’ as romantic regret becomes our eerie bedfellow.

Nonetheless, feeling regret reminds us that we have a heart. And we’ve all fallen prey to this feeling at some point in our lives. Unsurprisingly, some of us recovered & crawled our way back into the light to comprise playlists such as the one I am discreetly sharing with you below.

When a feeling is shared it feels less heavy. Similarly when a feeling is sung it becomes something other than itself. Musicians are alchemists of the soul: they take our regret and either amplify it, mute it or dispel it. They take human pain & transform it into beauty.

And because regret needs company to jumpstart the healing process, here is a list of songs that hopefully will feel like a balm to your tired heart:

Lana del Rey (Cancer Sun) “Blue Banisters” : https://youtu.be/fN0OmdJUl0I

Arca (Libra Sun) “Anoche” : https://youtu.be/1YW94Psk0Jg

Oliver Sims (Gemini Sun) “GMT” : https://youtu.be/x0sqQloesWg

Rhye (Mike Milosh – Aries Sun) “Hymn”: https://youtu.be/Yvir5zYK0DU

Mansionair (Jack Froggatt – Cancer Sun) “Violet City”: https://youtu.be/miC82O_a5GI

Air (Nicolas Godin/Capricorn Sun & Jean-Benoît Dunckel/Virgo Sun) “Playground Love”: https://youtu.be/hFuu5wPFv1M

FKA Twigs (Capricorn Sun) “Daybed”: https://youtu.be/0TqxKWFyBdo

Son Lux (Ryan Lott – Aquarius Sun) “Your Day Will Come”: https://youtu.be/_iefpSDLEug

Young Fathers (Aloysius Massaquoi – Gemini Sun) “Tremolo”: https://youtu.be/MkBfw2r8OIo

Coldplay (Chris Martin – Pisces Sun) “The Scientist”: https://youtu.be/RB-RcX5DS5A

The National (Matt Berninger – Aquarius Sun) “Quiet light”: https://youtu.be/xiiXhHQ10XY

November Ultra (Nova – Scorpio Sun) “Come into My Arms”: https://youtu.be/jTlpKlpKt_A

Snow Patrol (Gareth Lightbody/Gemini Sun) & Martha Wainwright (Taurus Sun) “Set fire to the third bar”: https://youtu.be/bfa9yxCpWoA

Olafur Arnalds (Scorpio Sun) “Zero”: https://youtu.be/3qP6LU_MBhU

iamamiwhoami (Jonna Lee – Libra Sun) “Thin”: https://youtu.be/FyNOy_BjpQA

I hope you enjoyed this collection and remember to leave your romantic, transcendent impressions in the comments section below.

With universal love,


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