Let’s Imagine an Astrological Reshaping of the Year

Fred Wessel, Libra from his Constellations art series. See website here: https://www.fredwessel.com/biography/

In case you scrambled up your schedule and are wondering why you might’ve accidentally spilled coffee on your laptop or why updating your smartphone’s system made it actually crash, I am here to relieve the pain of responsibility by letting you know that you may now blame your daily malfunctions on the current retrograde of the quick planet Mercury, travelling across the signs of Libra and Virgo, a retrograde which started on the 9th of September and will finish technologically harassing us on the 2nd of October. All technological mishaps aside, this retrograde however is a fun and imaginative one, seeing as Hermes/Mercury loves being in the fair and analytical sign of Libra and also in the hard-working and detail-oriented sign of Virgo. Both the cosmic Virgin and the astral Scales are highly rational, calculated signs that love predictability and control, and Mercury will thoroughly enjoy creating small problems that irk and irritate them for the next 3 weeks – at least with Mars in Gemini supported by Saturn in Aquarius, there will be a swift resolution to any sudden issues that could crop up and threaten stability (since Uranus clunkily remains in incompatible Taurus until 2026). Poor Libras, especially those 25 to 29 degrees late-decan Librans, who already have a nasty power-square from Pluto in Capricorn, now they have to deal with tricky Mercury too. I send you all my love, fellow Venus-led soft warriors! Case in point see how Libra Sun, Kamala Harris, the vice-president of the US, has to handle buses of immigrants left at her doorstep.

Now, I’m a Libra Ascendant and I personally feel like this retrograde released me from certain blocks which were brought about with Saturn’s retrograde movement that started last June and sadly continues until the end of October. I now feel liberated and strangely inspired to retake the classes, ideas & projects I put off throughout the whole of summer – mainly because it was exceedingly hot in Bucharest during July and August and my flat was uninhabitable, while my reading and writing discipline was compromised. But now Autumn is here and the September clouds have stormed in, which puts me in an excellent mood to awaken my dormant grey cells 🙂 So I started imagining things, as I was reading through some of my astrological collection of articles, website, images and eBooks. And I want to take you with me on an imaginative exercise. I want us to think of a different way in which we could structure our activities, not according to the reason of some ancient capitalist (I’m looking at you Benjamin Franklyn and your daylight savings time), or some weird Gregorian Christian calendar that served the interests of a niche group of monks. No, I’m talking here about maybe bringing back some old pagan, folk celebrations that were ritualistic and community-binding and not only numbers on our computer screens and celebrating holidays by indulging in consumerist euphoria to worship the birth of baby Jesus, among other things. I’m referring here as well about recapturing the meaning of why we schedule our lives around days of the weeks that are named after planets and yet we often make fun of astrology and of the existence of a link between the cosmos and our lives here on Earth. This being said, let’s silence for a short period what we know to be ‘true’ and let’s imagine what might be ‘possible’ in terms of how we structure our work & resting times, weeks and yearly celebrations. Here’s a potential re-ordering.

Image from NASA – For a useful breakdown of the planets and Gods which have named the week see this article: https://www.faenglishverse.com/post/origin-of-the-names-of-the-days-of-the-week
  • What if we took Mondays and Sundays off, to truly enjoy our inner darkness and outer light? In this way we could avoid the dreaded ‘Monday mood’ and honor the Divine Lunar mother’s energy in combination with the Divine Solar Father’s energy (or flip them, if you’re German). It makes no sense to keep punishing our workers to show up bright and bushy-tailed, early for work on the day of Moon, a day that energetically screams ‘Leave me alone! I prefer privacy and I feel anti-social today!’ (wink at sensitive Cancerians, frequently affected by such moods).
  • What if we started the working week on Tuesdays, the day ruled by energetic Mars, and settled our taxes or closed our booking accounts on Saturdays, on the day of Saturn, the strict teacher and disciplinarian? Because it brings bad luck, travel could be forbidden on Fridays, which usually contains a breezy and receptive energy anyway. So Fridays or the Days of Goddess of Love, Beauty and War Freya/Venus/Hathor could be reserved for creative brainstorming and fun and pleasurable activities that help workers learn how to communicate with each other and enhance their social bonds as a team, because after all we are all human beings and not constant human doings. Friday’s could be about bonding, talking, relationship-building rather than quickly jumping from the workplace to the pub (I’m looking at you Pisces).
The Nordic names of the week after Norse mythological beings. For more about the English myths behind our week-days, see this article: https://thehistorianshut.com/2021/07/01/the-gods-of-the-english-weekdays/
  • To further honor feminine cycles, which are normally overlooked in the business environment, what if women who menstruated had the option to take a 48 hours period-leave, to soothe their inner Divine feminine cycle? This option is something that the Australian and New Zealand governments are actually considering and funding it has been in discussions for a couple of years now, so fingers crossed that optional menstrual leave becomes a thing as soon as Pluto enters Aquarius.
  • What if we took the usual three periods of Mercury retrograde per year off and went on holidays or did some private research? Now I know that this could be too much to ask, since the ultra-productive wheel of turbo-capitalism cannot just sit still for 9 weeks a year for each employee, but we might find ways to schedule a lessening of production, or shift our attention towards conserving the planet – i.e. work can be done in retail, transport, in shops, supermarkets, factories, enterprises during normal Mercury direct cycles, but then employees get to do research for the company, plant trees, clean the air, or some sort of different activity that helps the environment, gets employees to do something different to avoid employee boredom or repetitive motion disorders and helps us all to understand that there’s more to existence than just production. There’s also conservation.
  • What if we began counting the calendar year on the 21st of March at 0 degrees Aries, rather than begin it on the 1st of January at roughly 10 degrees Capricorn? This might be something we could apply to the Western world, since the Eastern part of the world already lives by slightly more spiritually advanced rhythms. We would begin the year in Spring and with the energy of the Spring Equinox and surely that makes more logical sense then starting the year massively hung-over in the deep dark and frost of January. As a collective, we might not need to push ourselves to feel motivated, we could just flow with the energy of renewal which Aries season makes abundantly available to us.
  • What if surgeons were state-mandated to never operate on a New or Full Moon? I can tell you that having first-hand experienced being cut open on a Full Moon conjunct my natal Sun in Pisces, that such a day is not the best course of action for operations. In spite of his experience, my surgeon’s hand was trembling and he seemed hyper-ready which is never a good sign. After the surgery the wound healed slowly and painfully and I suffered some minor complications, but other souls on the operating table might not be so lucky. Moral of the story: try to schedule an operation around any other time and in order to avoid deaths or complications that could be avoided, let’s keep doctors away from knives during days with either too little energy (New Moons) or too much energy (Full Moons).
  • What if instead of worshipping the birthdate of a nation or following some political landmark, we reorganize our bank and traditional holidays around equinoxes, solstices and eclipses to mark the opening of powerful energetic portals and to help us cope smoothly with what are transitional points in collective conscience? We would also organize a Love Fest during Lion’s Gate Portal, the 8th of the 8th, one of the warmest and heart-opening moments of the year, and replace it with Saint Valentine’s Day, which takes place in one of the coldest and (weather-wise) weirdest month’s of the year. So instead of wrapping red ribbons and drizzling chocolate kisses on the celebration of the masacre of a Christian martyr who secretly married Christian couples…you know, we could dance to & praise the power of Innanna/Ishtar, the Queen of Heavens. It just makes more sense.
  • What if we did a lot of fast-processing jobs while the Moon’s energy was growing from New to Waxing Gibbous and finally Full Moon, and then we tended to the details and spend more time processing things and information as the Moon’s energy was decreasing from Full to Balsamic and finally to the New Moon. Companies could settle new employee goals each New Moon of the month, or schedule the day of the New Moon per quarter. Then watch as their returns grow without that much effort. If that clichéd logo ‘Work smarter and not harder’ keeps floating around in the collective consciousness infected by biz-talk then why not apply it to harnessing the power of the lunar cycles to improve your business goals?
The Venus/Ishtar tablet of Ammisaduqa, a Babilonian clay tablet stemming from 911-612 BCE & written in cuneiform which records the movements of planet Venus

This revised calendar actually makes more sense than what we perceive to be the modern ‘rule of reason’ in the Age of Information & might reduce the rampant rise in some prevalent mental health problems, because we would adapt to what already feels natural rather than force ourselves to constantly push against the astral energy as we blindly obey patriarchal traditions. Just some food for thought. Or maybe I’m too optimistically idealistic. I know some of you already are living according to these energetic gateways and astrological transits, and you are pioneers, keep doing this great work that might inspire others! As usual, please let me know what you think in the comments below. What other changes have I missed?

With universal love,


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