In the Pisces Soup*: What Connie Britton & Brian Cranston Have in (Astrological) Common

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Hey crew, it’s time for our lunar astrological chart analysis of a famous celebrity. We’re making this a tradition! And seeing as its Pisces season, I prepared a dual analysis, rather than the usual single. In preparation for this article, I need to admit that finding a famous Piscean that I would feel confident and comfortable writing about was a bit of a stretch for me, and this came to me as a surprise. Am I betraying my own kind? Why is it so hard to think of a Piscean role-model, since this is the sign of creativity & fantasy-making?

In full disclosure, I’m also a Pisces Sun, but to be honest I can’t say I had the most amazing relationships with Piscean people throughout my life or that my exchanges with them are the most easy-going or inspiring. Could it be that I find it hard to accept myself fully, since our likes and dislikes mirror the contents of our unconscious? There are of course, beautiful exceptions to this rule, but often I feel randomly criticized by Pisceans or the energy between us is just ‘off’ for some reason (I attribute this to my emotionally-detached Aquarius Venus), but I digress. So when I think of attractive and awesome Piscean celebrities, Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna popped to mind first, but I wanted to keep these luscious ladies for my Astrobabes You Tube series which allows me more space for a cinematic analysis of their charts (I’ll also be covering Hozier & Oscar Isaac in my Astrohunks series).

Keeping those actors and musicians for my YouTube series, left me with a blank choice regarding the Piscean artists I could write about in this article. The Piscean men, I could only think of Jon Bon Jovi, John Frusciante or worst, Adam Levine and Harvey Weinstein (I guess these examples show the full range of Pisces energy, which can embody the depths of human depravity and also human creativity). On the other hand, I always thought that the lesser-known Connie Britton (whom you may know from films such as Nashville, White Lotus and my favorite, This is Where I Leave You) was fascinatingly beautiful and I was always curious to see her personal chart placements, considering that she is the kind of woman who rose to fame in her 40s and 50s; this is pretty impressive, seeing how the careers of most women her age, reach a sudden death in Hollywood as they approach senescence. She is an interesting case study because she looks so refined and elegant and she makes me feel like you can grow old gracefully and remain sexy and soulful even around your second Saturn return (between the ages of 58 and 60). So I am intrigued to write about what astrological energy preserves her beauty so well, and what gave her a sudden rise to fame in the latter part of her life.

The birth-chart of Connie Britton as featured on the website

To keep it interesting I also thought of comparing Connie’s chart to another fellow Piscean, this time a man who also found fame in the latter part of his life, in spite of consistently working as an actor throughout his youth. He of Breaking-Bad, cult-like fame, Brian Cranston also had supporting roles in the infamous Drive (featuring my soul spouse, the actor Ryan Gosling, whom Brian surprisingly shares a lunar placement with, that being a fatherly Moon in Capricorn). Most notably, Brian also stared in an episode of Murder, She Wrote, although many people know him from the TV series, Malcolm in the Middle.

So, what makes these two Piscean actors so alluring and productive in their older age? Well for one, they share a Pisces Sun and this is the placement which marks the end of the astrological wheel and by extension the ending of the soul’s journey through life. Pisceans, much like Aquarians and Capricorns feel more comfortable with life, the older they grow, since they are the final signs of the zodiac. They are also among the wisest energies around, if they choose to live at a higher vibration. Connie has her Pisces Sun in the 7th house which is traditionally the house ruled by Venus and governed by the sign of Libra. Her Sun is also conjunct Mercury and the asteroid Lilith, representing the Wild Feminine Archetype. This adds an extra sheen of mystery and sexiness to her Neptunian beauty. I can see that Connie’s life revolves around her relationships, around love and her contractual business partnerships, with this 7th house influence. However, she might be perceived as the villain, or cast out of initially benefic agreements and even made to feel like ‘the other woman’ in her own love life and romantic entanglements. This is Lilith’s influence which can bring some ruin in a person’s life due to stigma and the prejudices of other people projected onto the Lilith native. Since her Lilith is in Pisces, I can see that some religious prejudices might stand in-between Connie’s success as an actress and her successful romantic life. By the way, as a fun side note, both actors were actually featured together in an Emmy Round Table discussion and photo op in the LA Times, so it’s interesting to see I’ve chosen this comparison despite not being aware that they were paired together in the past.

Brian, on the other hand, has his Sun in the 10th house and it is standing there all by itself. This means that his life revolves around his professional role, his public image and the relationships he has with his mentors and those that he works with. Capricorn is the one who governs over this house and Saturn is its natural ruler, so Brian borrows some of these traits in the light that he radiates around him. Curiously enough, both Connie and Brian’s mutual Piscean solar light is also underlined by the same lunar placement: they both have Moons in Capricorn! This is another indicator of a person who blooms later on in life, and it also shows a person who might’ve had a stunted emotional development due to some hardships incurred in relation to their father in their childhood. The father could’ve died too soon, might’ve been absent or there was an early and painful separation from the father figure. The father could not supply the role of the provider so the person born with a Saturnian Moon had to work from an early age to provide for themselves and their family. This made in turn, the mother responsible for the care of the child and placed the child in the role of the ‘substitute father figure’. It’s interesting to note that a lot of successful people who radiate a sense of warmth and joy in their work, and after the age of 40, have this placement too. Another case in point is Pedro Pascal or the actress Christina Ricci, who are increasingly in the spotlight and getting more substantial roles.

The birth-chart of Brian Cranston as featured on the website

Another fascinating aspect is that although Connie has her Sun conjunct Lilith, Brian has his Moon conjunct Lilith! This offers Connie a confident intensity that might intimidate her peers and it offers Brian a darker emotionality which translated so well in his role as Walter White, the man who literally finds himself in the claws of Lilith’s ruin; overcome by his inner darkness, he becomes bad to the bone. This aspect is amplified in Brian’s chart by the fact that his Moon sits in the darkest house of the zodiac (the 8th house) and it is also joined by Mars, the God of War, the red planet of sexuality and aggression. So don’t believe the hype! Brian might not be the good guy next door that he pretends to be in his interviews (and judging by his friendly and intelligent Gemini Ascendant), since behind that competent façade lies an individual with amazing survival instincts and quite an impressive sexual appetite. Paired with the Piscean fertile imagination and capacity to hold secrets and endure physical pain, I can only imagine the depths of Brian’s sexual prowess. While for Connie, her lunar light is more moderate since it is joined only by the Vertex, a point which is linked to the fated events that will be continuously discharged in a person’s life throughout their life. Seeing as this placement is in the work-prone 6th house, Connie is emotionally attached to her work and she will have a lot of karma to process with the people she works with and with the way she handles her daily routine, her personal responsibilities and her health.

Another interesting aspect to look at in relation to a person’s destiny and how old age might somehow promise success is the placement of an individual North Node, the point of destiny in someone’s chart. I see that Brian has his North Node in Sagittarius in the 6th house conjunct Saturn. So his destiny is to work and organize himself better, to be of service (6th house) and to endure some hardships & setbacks (Saturn) on his inevitable path to success and prestige (Sagittarius). As you may have noticed by now, Saturnian energy seems to figure prominently in his chart, and it gets more interesting the closer you look. His destiny is one marred by personal limits followed by lucky breaks. He truly has to put effort in feeling optimistic, lucky and like he is allowed to grow in this lifetime. Saturn guarantees a slow release of Brian’s abundance, prosperity and popularity which happens only in time.

A comparison of both of their charts taken together. I highlighted the most significant placements I discuss in this article

While for Connie she has her North Node in Taurus (another marker of sensual beauty) and in the faithful 9th house. The detail to look for is the fact that her North Node encourages her to pursue material wealth and personal stability in her life and it reflects beautifully in her public role as an actress that grew her wealth and popularity in time. Because her North Node is conjunct the MC (or the Midheaven), which represents the most public point in a person’s chart and the one which denotes the professional legacy that one leaves behind in this lifetime, she is bound to establish an important artistic legacy. So, she is destined to be remembered as a sensual and talented actress, who achieved fame in time, slowly and after appearing in some wholesome roles. ‘Traditional’ roles are the ones that suit her the best, seeing as Taurean energy is all about preserving the status quo. In addition, I can see that Connie had to put effort into developing her style and beauty and had to work on her relationships with other women since these Venusian aspects fall under the tutelage of her Taurean North Node. Another interesting example of this Taurean influence on a point of destiny can be found in the chart of Pamela Anderson, who shares this placement in common with Connie and who is making a powerful comeback at the moment during her nodal return (as the nodes of the Moon are travelling along the Scorpio & Taurus axis in between 18th January 2022 and 19th July 2023)

I think I’ll stop here with my brief take on the charts of both of these charismatic and talented actors. After writing this post, I realized that I do look up to certain Piscean roles models and that bizarrely I tended to overlook them or to take them for granted. Must be the hazy, Neptune effect. Piscean energy tends to be subtle, diffused and quite modest, so I’m not entirely shocked that my mind went blank when thinking of Piscean actors to write about; but the more I concentrated, the more I could see clearly that I do enjoy the work and artistry of many of them. I hope that the current transit of Saturn in Pisces, happening across both of their Sun signs, will benefit them and bring them some interesting material rewards for all the hard work they are doing in bringing unique characters to life and entertaining us all. Let me know in the comments below, who is your favorite Piscean celebrity? And if you enjoy such topics make sure to follow my blog, since I will provide you with the chart analysis of a famous celebrity each month.

With universal love,


*The title of this article is a play on Ryu Murakami’s famous novel ‘In the Miso Soup’ (1997)

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