My Moon, My Love – Eclipses, Phases and The Spiritual Meaning of Lunar Energy

A picture of our Earth’s Moon taken by the Galileo Orbiter, the U.S. Geological Survey. Original link here:

The Moon is the Earth’s biggest and well-known, well-loved satellite. In astrology the energy of the Moon governs over the 7th sign of the zodiac’s constellations – Cancer, the Crab, and represents maternal energy, emotions and protection, the subtle and hidden forces of instinct and the unconscious. In the tarot, the Moon stands for the Major Arcana number 18th which paradoxically governs Piscean energy, even if the card confusingly depicts a crayfish coming out of the water and two dogs howling at the moon. No matter how it is depicted, la Luna is powerful. Its energy and movement affects the tides here our Earth and to our ancestors (who had a mostly agrarian existence) the Moon was a weather and travel guide and a fertility forecaster, as it could synch up with women’s monthly menstrual rhythms before the pill was invented. In addition, the Moon influences cultural & religious production as it exists in thousands of songs, poems, paintings and on countless tumblr walls πŸ™‚ while some Indian marriages are also organized according to the phases of the Moon. I recently finished reading Tamara Driessen’s excellent book Luna: Harness the Magic of the Moon for Life, Love and Contentment and I would like to share with you my interpretation of some of the things Tamara was discussing in her book. I hope these key aspects on how the Moon might influence your energy can serve you all and help you understand your Self in a new light.

Book Cover for Luna: Harness the Magic of the Moon for Life, Love and Contentment by Tamara Driessen (Penguin, 2020)

Lunar Phases (& your birth)

Source: NASA/Bill Dunford
Published: August 14, 2014

New Moon

For people born under the energy of a New Moon, it’s perhaps significant to say that this is a self-starter vibration. New Moon natives are usually self-made individuals. If you have this marker in your chart, it’s important to know that you are meant to bring new things into being in your lifetime here on Earth. You could start your own company, come up with a new invention that makes our lives easier, write a tell-all book, or make small adjustments in your life and work that ease everyone’s daily struggles. You have the spirit of a pioneer and you are meant to create situations of fresh energy around you, since you are born with a blank-slate, from a karmic point of view. Your past-life debts are mostly cleared but you need to be mindful how you use your energy and what you will create so as not to open up painful new karmic cycles. When in doubt as to which path to take in life, create something! Your energy is similar to the Ace of Cups card in the tarot, but the cup you were born with might have felt initially empty. This is because you must fill it with all the experiences you will undertake in your lifetime. By the end of this beautiful journey, towards the later part of your life your cup should ‘runeth over’, as the bard said, with everything you have created, lived and experienced.

Waxing Crescent

If you were born under this lunar influence, then you are a person who can summon up incipient energy or put in grassroots efforts to get things of the ground and get them going. You are an awakener and you can use your voice, your emotions, your thoughts, your words and your actions to instigate things around you. For example, you could be a whistle-blower on a company’s or a political campaign’s secrets. You could easily create specific social groups or rally support for a cause. You’re a vibrant and green kind of a person that will always feel like their life is leading them someplace. Your energy is that of the 3 of Wands in the tarot, a Seeker ready to embark on their next adventure. You might also be a ‘sandwich kid’ in your family or an only child, a birth-order situation that gives you the ambition to do something that sets you apart from your relatives or peers.

First Quarter (also called Waxing Moon)

This is a balanced energy, as the Moon looks up in the sky like a perfect slice of mid-parted cake. If you have this energy in your chart then you are a balanced individual, one who is able to weight the pros and cons of any situation and finds an adequate and fair solution. You are a negotiator, a good judge of character and a fair friend. You also like to keep things in a state of equilibrium and you like to drink and eat in moderation or compensate if there was an excess in one area of life by focusing on another part of your life, just to even-out your energy. The downside is that passion might frighten you, since it feels so irrational and a threat to your Temperance (which is the card in the tarot that also represents you the best!).

Waxing Gibbous

This is a beautiful phase of the Moon to be born under. I especially enjoy it since it combines the passionate nature of a Full Moon person with the tempered energy of a first quarter person, as it sits in between the two. A waning gibbous individual is optimistic, full of faith and excited about life. Your energy feels like it always replenishes itself after each setback from unknown forces. You might also easily recover from illnesses. You can quickly dispel the negative energy of evil-eye spells and you were born to break a few cruses. The downside is that you might feel slightly overlooked in life, that people might take you very seriously as they might confuse your enthusiasm for hot air. You might compare yourself to other people and feel that you come up short, so be mindful of turning the pleasure of a game into ruthless competitiveness. You’re an optimistic motivator & 9 of Cups in the tarot!

Full Moon

Wolves were born to praise you, and under your energy most traffic accidents occur! Hello, lunar superstar πŸ™‚ Full Moon individuals are the lunar darlings since they are the ones that benefit the most from the Moon’s energy, as it is at its fullest capacity at their birth. This makes you highly attractive, fertile and abundant. The downside to this blessing is that your life could be marred by unconscious undercurrents of drama if there aren’t more stabilizing energies in your natal chart. No matter what sign your Moon is in, you are heavily influenced by Cancerian sensitivity and Moon-like ebbs and flows in your daily life (consequently the Moon card in the tarot, is the card I’d associate with you too). You might have the tendency to exaggerate but your weaknesses are also your strengths since you could be an excellent performer with such a powerful capacity to feel and to shed a bright light on the collective’s hidden desires and needs. You charm those around you with your feelings even if you can be a bit much.

Waning Gibbous (also called Disseminating)

If you were born under this energy, then we share the same placement πŸ™‚ My intimate experience of living life under a Waning Gibbous energy, is that it feels like coming down from what has been a rough ride or a crazy, party-bender. Your feet land on safer ground now after the lunar roller-coaster ride, and as such you are meant to create stability in your life. Your life has a patient and steady rhythm to it, and you are meant to spend a lot of your time here on Earth resting and recuperating. You can easily be a beacon of hope for other people and can create safe-spaces for others to share their stories and to heal. You are calming and nurturing to others but because your energy is slowly depleting as you were born when the moon was losing its Full Moon shine, you must take time in solitude to replenish. I think the Hermit or the High Priestess cards of the tarot (which signify the Virgo/Pisces axis in astrology) represent this vibration most accurately – studying in privacy then sharing your work with the world and then retreating again is your natural flow, while intuitive discernment is your super-power!

Third Quarter (also called Waning Moon)

If you are born under this energy then it is time to clean up your karmic connections in this incarnation. You will meet many souls which you must say “no” to during your lifetime, as you close up karmic contracts and let the energy between you and them settle down to be released. This is the ‘letting go’ Moon and you might find it strange to spend most of your emotional energy investing in something or someone only to then pass it on or watch it go by, but there is a lot of sweetness and peace coming into your life once the letting go process eventually starts. Like the cooling and refreshing feel of summer rain after a very long and hot day, you are deeply sweet, sensitive and melancholic in the best possible way and your poetic heart knows very well how to purge and release (or is learning at the moment). You will easily bring people together and act as a helper, serving the needs of the collective with your wisdom during your life, and this is why I feel that your tarot card is the 6 of Swords.

Dark Moon (also called Balsamic)

You were born under a very special lunar energy, or better said – under the absence of lunar energy. This is a time of the month when tiredness overwhelms the collective and whatever is planted will not grow. Witches, shamans and spellcasters are usually born with this marker, as well as important cultural figures, who live very rich internal lives which are seemingly devoid of material acquisitions. This is a the kind of energy that, if well-understood and well-harnessed, could help one practice towards becoming a bodhisattva, or an enlightened being walking the Earth to help souls fulfill their destiny while sacrificing their own chances of reaching Nirvana, or heaven. Balsamic lunar people are soothing, nocturnal, mysterious and solitary. They are pensive and withdrawn but they also possess fascinating inner worlds, populated with visions of both darkness and demons and also light and angels. You thread the fine line that separates the material world from the spiritual world and your own existence could feel deeply private and elusive to others. You are a Spirit whisperer & your tarot card is the Death/Rebirth one.

Special Events

Lunar Eclipses

A Lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is placed in between the Sun and the Moon in an almost perfect alignment; so the Earth blocks solar light. This makes a person born on a Lunar eclipse a person that is strongly protected by the Earth’s energies and usually an individual with a Moon sign opposite their Sun sign in their natal astrological chart (for example, you are a Sun in Sagittarius but your Moon is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius on the zodiac wheel, which is Gemini or your Moon is in Taurus but your Sun sign is in Scorpio). An eclipse is an excess of energy because the Moon is super-charged during such a time, so if you are born on the day of an eclipse your energy is heightened – you could have more energy than your peers and you might exhibit certain extra-sensorial abilities (clairaudience – hearing things beyond the visible realm, clairvoyance – seeing in different dimensions, precognition or extreme empathy etc.). Lunar eclipses only happen during a Full Moon so it’s safe to say, you are a powerhouse of passion and energy since you were born when the Moon was at it’s most powerful, although obscured. This means that your biggest challenge in this lifetime will be to navigate your emotions and combine lighter feelings with darker ones. Your strong emotions and super-human intuition will take you on some fun adventures in this lifetime, so I see this energy as that of a charismatic leader and the Emperor card in the tarot.

Solar Eclipses

A Solar eclipse happens when the Moon finds itself in between the Sun and the Earth during its rotation cycle around our globe; so the Moon blocks the Sun’s light. This means that the native is born under the energy of something other-worldly, and under the Moon’s direct guidance. Solar eclipses always happen on New Moons and this means that a person born on such a day has their Sun sign conjunct their Moon sign in their natal astrological chart (so you are a double Taurus, with both your Sun and your Moon signs in Taurus, or a double Pisces with both your Sun and Moon in this Neptune-blessed sign). New Moons are times to slowly grow into something, so you might be a young soul at your first incarnations here on karma loca, or you could feel the impulse to pioneer something on Earth during your lifetime, by appealing to the power of your unconscious mind (since the Moon governs over the hidden parts of the human Self, the unconscious and its dreams). This is a good indications that you might be a natural-born intuitive healer, an introverted soul who is here to do some major studying in this lifetime and this is why I feel that your tarot card is the Magician!

This article is dedicated to a fellow crew member, Andreas. Sorry it took me so long to write this & thank you for the inspiration!

I thought this sweet lines by the Scottish and Scorpio Sun famous writer rounds up well the theme of this article

With universal love,

Lexi ❀

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