On Mercury Retrogrades & Healing Playlists

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

A Mercury retrograde is an excellent 3-weeks period for going on a vacation or taking a couple of days off from work, for visualizing and creating art or music, for doing deep healing, resting, reflecting and re-evaluating. This is because the rational mind is temporarily submerged in a state of creative moratorium, so it is best to not push for logical explanations where there are few to be found. Check where your Mercury is placed in your birth-chart, which house it is in and if there are any neighboring planets or asteroids there, or get in touch with me for a birth-chart reading by sending me an email at macht.alexandra.georgiana.pfa@gmail.com.

Your Mercury placement can affect your energy differently according to the placements: whether it is your body and the social opportunities you attract (your Ascendant), your goals in life and your vitality (the Sun), your unconscious patterns and ways of nurturing yourself (the Moon), communication and processing speed (Mercury return), your relationships and sense of self-worth (Venus), your sexuality and desires (Mars), your structures and boundaries (Saturn), your connection to spirit and the divine (Neptune), your capacity to heal and transform (Pluto), your individuality and sense of freedom (Uranus), or your sense of growth and luck (Jupiter). Make sure you also read this article I wrote which describes each of the 12 Mercury placements: https://spiritualsocial.wordpress.com/2020/02/09/502/

During a Mercury retrograde it is also an excellent time to do some healing cleanses, some energetic replenishments and some chakra balancing tune-ups. Here is one I swear by:

In addition, I keep updating my list of tips and tricks to stave off negative energy & one thing I learned recently is that rose oil and rose essence are excellent against negative entities. This information floated in the ether for a while now but it was this current Mercury retrograde that really made me pay attention. You can use roses in your home either as potted plants or freshly cut flowers (but make sure to throw them away as soon as you see the first signs of withering, because otherwise dead flowers are harsh energy for your home’s Chi & can attract bad luck). Another way to use them is that you could burn some rose-scented incense sticks or use essential rose oil in your bubble bath and even in your tea (I’m currently passionate about a brand of Romanian black tea scented with Jasmine and roses). Alternatively, and for a deeply sensual sleep, sprinkle some rose oil drops on your bed sheets as you can sniff their essence as you slowly drift to sleep. I also like to put some rose oil in my hair, for a more naturally perfumed experience. If oil is too much for you, you might want to try a rose-water mist for your body or to cleanse your witchy work-space before you divinate. And you can even use rose water in cooking, here is a beautiful recipe: https://mynameisyeh.com/mynameisyeh/2017/5/saffron-cardamom-and-rosewater-tiramisu

For centuries roses have been associated with femininity and love, the fulfillment of one’s own deeply intimate wishes. Which makes me think that perhaps there is a link between ‘being in our feelings’ and getting in touch with feminine energy and protecting ourselves from toxicity, negativity and low vibrating relationships. It is femininity that protects and not the male savior complex…hmmm. It’s a highly romantic retrograde because Mercury is in the emotional and poetic sign of Pisces, so I guess roses of all kinds come to mind 🙂

And just to complement this romantic and dreamy energy of the current Mercury retrograde in Pisces with the focus on rose essences, I offer below a list of some of the songs I consider to have deeply healing messages, songs that spark emotions within and can help guide you into a different world for a while. I’ve collected these songs throughout the years and they have helped me get through some very dark times, times when getting up and going about my life was nearly impossible, when letting go and moving on proved more difficult than I thought. My heart was broken only to be renewed again by the healing and universal power of music. I hope these songs serve you & remind you that in spite of everything, life is beautiful.

You can return to this healing playlist every time you want to get into your feelings, during this deeply spiritual Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and beyond:

Jeff BuckleyHallelujah

The NationalVal Jester

The AntlersKettering

Doris DayDream a little dream of me

Nils FrahmPromises

Massive AttackProtection

Fka TwigsCellophane


A Silver Mt Zion 13 Angels Standing Guard Round the Side of your Bed

Lamb Gabriel

Ólafur Arnalds ft. Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir Particles

Bon IverSkinny Love

The Everly BrothersAll I have to do is dream

RadioheadThe Pyramid Song

Rihanna feat Mikky EkkoStay

Glass AnimalsCocoa Hooves

MadonnaTake a bow

Cat PowerI found a reason

My Bloody ValentineSometimes (best with headphones)

TindersticksDick’s Slow Song

The XXOur song

BushLetting the cables sleep

With universal love,

Lexi ❤

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