A Playlist For the Sound of Your Zodiac Sign

Hot Still-Scape for Six Colors — 7th Avenue Style, Stuart Davis (American, 1892–1964) 1940 Oil on canvas * Gift of the William H. Lane Foundation and the M. and M. Karolik Collection, by exchange © VAGA, New York, NY * Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

As a Piscean teenager, I spent most of my free time listening to music, imagining associations between the lyrics of each song and the daily events of my life.

Music is still the language that reaches my heart first, like nothing else (perhaps, second to this is my fixation with images and the strong visual pleasure I derive from them). Back in high-school, my young existence turned a tad more magical because I was able to carry music around with me on my CD player (yep, early Millenial). Music reminded me of random intimate moments, people I connected with and travelling adventures.

It just recently struck me to experiment a bit with my alternative collection of songs, and test how this would fit with the ethos of each zodiac sign.

  • Have you ever wondered what kind of tunes describe your zodiac sign?
  • Which songs might capture the essence of a zodiac sign’s characteristics? Or what music vibrates with your astral energy?

Of course there are many songs in the world to choose from, but below is a an imaginative list comprising those that to my mind fit the most with each sign’s energy, whether in their rhythm or in their lyrics.

* If you click on the song’s name you’ll be sent directly to the song on YouTube, enjoy! I don’t create Spotify playlists for political reasons *

Aquarius: ‘Hunger of the Pine‘ – Alt J / ‘Intergalactic‘ – Beastie Boys

Aries: ‘Now is the only time I know‘ – Fever Ray / ‘Reptilia‘ – The Strokes

Cancer: ‘Crying‘ – Austra / ‘Promise‘ – Ben Howard

Capricorn: ‘Take me to church‘ – Gotye / ‘Eulogy‘ – Patrick Wolf

Gemini: ‘Coffee and Tv‘ – Blur / ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues‘ – Bob Dylan

Leo: ‘Don’t delete the kisses‘ – Wolf Alice / ‘You always you‘ – Patrice

Libra: ‘Lover’s Day‘ – Tv on the Radio / ‘Ageless Beauty‘ – Stars

Pisces: ‘Crazy for you’ – Slowdive / ‘I love you‘ – Woodkid

Scorpio: ‘Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck‘ – Blood Brothers / ‘The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret‘ – Queens of the Stone Age

Sagittarius: ‘Sacrilege‘- Yeah Yeah Yeahs / ‘Pure Morning‘ – Placebo

Taurus: ‘More‘ – Nils Frahm / ‘When the body speaks‘ – Depeche Mode

Virgo: ‘Rusty Nails‘ – Moderat / ‘My funny Valentine‘ – Chet Baker

With universal love,

Lexi ❤


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